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COVID19: Top Stocks That You Can Buy Right Now

The novel coronavirus is wreaking havoc globally. Fortunately, not everyone is faring poorly. Amazon stockholders are smiling all the way. In short, the intelligent investor will be making significant money by the time the tides of COVID-19 clears up. To stay ahead of the current wave, you need to study the market carefully to look for those companies whose fortunes will get better over time. Online retailers and pharmaceutical companies are doing tremendously well. However, do not be fooled by the wave to invest in a mule. Here are our top six stocks that we believe will offer value and wealth to any investor.


We have this feeling that telemedicine will continue to grow tremendously, especially at this time of lockdown. Millions of people who have to honor medical appointments are now forced to opt for online appointments. This trend will offer Teladoc a renewed push. The stock will respond as more people start thinking in this line. You can also buy the share is you are betting on value. The stock is dancing around $174, perhaps as a response to the renewed interest. Anyone who invested at the turn of the year has already doubled his wealth at 115%. Analysts project the trend to continue to September when the epidemic is likely to ease. 


If you are looking into value investment for a long haul, betting on this e-commerce giant is the right thing to do. If you consider the potential of the industry, especially after the testing health crisis, you are looking for a stock that will be hitting market caps of $1T in 5-10 years. Why buy it now? Every stock has had a shakeup after the crisis. It is yet to recover to the pre-crisis figures. It has also performed exemplary well over the couple of years since its IPO. Once more thing is that they have a sober head in Jack Ma, who you can be sure will be welcome to trade anywhere in the world. 

Gilead Sciences

Nobody looking for a value stock that will be making money quickly will go past Gilead. It is wise to note that its peak back in 2015 was $120. This year it has grown tremendously. Anyone who put in his or her money in the company in February is already 24% good into profits. Why the stock?

As you can see, the trend is upward. An everyday trader will love the turbulence and the zigzags of the current market. When trading this stock, you may want to prey on people’s quest for short-term profits to buy value. Even a rookie can learn to trade during the quarantine.

Secondly, the company has dominated the market for HIV treatments globally and in America. COVID-19 is unlikely to affect the demand for their drugs; instead, analysts suggest that it is likely to improve their fortunes. They argue that the global burden for chronic conditions is expected to be in favor of the company.


Anyone who got the memo by the end of March that Shopify was a stock to buy, he or she is already 86% wealthier. Why this stock? It is obvious for such companies. The stock is definitely prohibitively high currently, but 30 days it still was high. Now, it is even higher, and it is expected to continue. Every seller, manufacturer, and consolidator now knows how important e-commerce will be in the future. The clamor for e-commerce stores is not going to slow down for a couple of years, thanks to the pandemic.  

Johnson and Johnson 

First, J&J is a reasonably priced stock despite its growing dividends. The company has not performed spectacularly in the market, but its consistency is remarkable. Every observer will be looking at the pharmaceutical giant, especially at this time of the pandemic. Their lightning speed quest to develop the COVID-19 vaccine has not gone unnoticed. Even if they are not first, you can expect them to crack into the market some time. You can also be relaxed about their annual returns on investment for any shareholder.

Biomarin Pharmaceuticals 

Every time a biomedical company is closing in on major regulatory breakthroughs, expect the stock to ride sideways and sometimes downwards. Biomarin has been doing that for several months. The current stock rally might be deceptive, as the potential of the two decisions that they are awaiting will significantly change their fortunes. Experts anticipate the company’s top line to grow steadily in the next five years.

These stocks will offer you a great deal of value even when you are a short-term trader. Holding a couple of these stocks could also see you make a fortune. Investing in the stock market is the chance to grow your savings and money. By trend, the stock market tends to rise in value, though the prices of individual stocks rise and fall daily. Investments in stable companies that are able to grow to tend to make profits for investors. Make the right choice!

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