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Child Resistant Packaging Showing Big Year Over Year Growth

Child Resistant Packaging Showing Big Year Over Year Growth

Product packaging is extremely important for businesses selling physical goods. It affects how your product is perceived but also how it is protected.

If you’re looking to redesign your product packaging with today’s consumer needs in mind, you need to be aware of how popular child-resistant packing models have become. There was a time when child-resistant packaging for food and other consumable goods was a rarity seen only in the medical and pharmaceutical industries, but today the practice has become more widespread, and with good reason. There are a lot of goods out there that are age-restricted or just plain hazardous for young children, and having packaging that helps defeat access by young children is a big part of helping promote consumer safety.

What Is Driving the Growth?

There are a lot of factors driving the growth in corporate investments in consumer safety, including:

  • Improved oversight and product testing that reveals possible side-effects and dangers to be safeguarded against
  • Evolving materials and packaging design
  • Increased awareness of the importance of preventing access to age-restricted goods
  • Improved child-resistant designs for goods like cleaning materials that have commonly used child-resistant packaging
  • More green packaging options that cater to this niche

All of these things have made tamper-proof and child-resistant packing more popular, but they aren’t the whole story. There’s one big growth field whose surge in demand over the past decade has helped drive year over year growth for this product, especially for child-resistant options that are also ecologically sustainable.

Packaging and the Legal Cannabis Industry

Child-resistant packaging has become more and more vital to the legal cannabis industry as it has developed and spread to more states. There are now 47 states with some kind of legal medical cannabis, as well as more states adding recreational adult use to the industry every year.

One of the more effective methods of ingestion for many medicinal users is through edibles, and producing safe product packaging that is also resistant to tampering by young children is very important to an industry that is attempting to both legitimize its practices and make clear its dedication to consumer safety.

The side-effect of high demand in this industry is a boom in innovation and options for all food companies, not just those that participate in the legal cannabis trade. Effective packaging options that defy casual invasion are great for alcoholic adult treats as well as cannabis, for medicines using other substances, and even for regular snack foods, as a way of showing resistance to tampering that goes beyond the basic seal and provides protection even after a product has been opened.

Custom Solutions for Every Industry

ePac Flexible packaging provides custom solutions to fit the needs of food manufacturers in a variety of niches, including snack foods with a variety of applications. If you’re looking for the right options for your new line of edible medicinal or recreational goods, snack foods, or any other food product that needs to stay fresh. Not only can you get the security you need to keep your product safe, but you can also get it custom printed with your branding and design, setting you apart from the competition.

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