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Car rental software – RentSyst #3

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For about a century already, cars remain the favorite means of transportation for most people throughout the world. Widely promoted in the United States, the image of a car as an absolute symbol of freedom has established itself over the years. Sedans, station wagons, minivans, coupes, convertibles, or limousines – different purposes require different types of cars.

However, purchasing and maintaining a vehicle can be expensive. Moreover, in the days of population gathering more and more in urban centers, owning a car becomes no longer necessary. Therefore, many people tend to turn to alternative solutions matching their specific needs and liberating them from unnecessary hassle. In this context, car rental appears to be a very convenient option.

Taking into account the progressing increase in the popularity and thus profitability of the car-hire business, the competition in this field grows accordingly. While seeking the ways to match their customers’ expectations, car rental companies make great efforts by offering a wide range of vehicles for hire (commercial cars, luxury, low-cost models, and others), delivering professional customer service, providing flexible prices and conditions, developing special propositions, etc. Also, the market players adapt to changing demands at lightning speed. They improve their business efficiency as the optimization of business processes is the key to the success of any project.

Thanks to modern technology, managing a car-hire business became easier and more productive. For example, Rent Syst is multifunctional car rental software designed to facilitate administrative tasks, allow for better control over vehicles and transactions, and improve communication with clients.

Rent Syst Main Functions

The main advantage of this CRM software for rental car services is the possibility of integration with existing managing, accounting, and workflow systems. It is easy and quick to implement the platform’s tools connecting its users, fleets, and reservations. It automates all processes, reduces working time, and ensures better services to the customers and agents. The platform includes the following functions:

  • Fleet control. An accurate GPS system enables efficient tracking of all cars at any moment. The Autocheck tools allow controlling the car cards. The Checklist module helps identify whether the vehicles are rented, available, due for return, or involved in any non-productive activity.
  • Planner and task manager. The Timeline module ensures that all aspects related to the business, including reservations, are timely coordinated. The Daily Plan tab helps delegate tasks to the employees using the task manager and daily schedule.
  • Workflow automation. All administrative operations, such as contract templates, digital signatures, or damage fixation, can be managed from any device, including a smartphone.
  • Web integration. The IFrame technology allows incorporating a booking widget in all forms of the company’s website. It is fully customizable and enables embedding documents and interactive media files, and therefore improves user experience.
  • Customer mailing service. A dedicated setting allows communicating orders, receipts, and contracts to the customers through WhatsApp, Telegram, and Viber.
  • Payments. They can be received through Master Card, Visa, PayPal, and other payment systems and e-wallets.
  • Accounting. Quickbooks, Xero, and other accounting systems are easily synchronized with Rent Syst. Moreover, the developers are ready to provide custom integrations for users of less wide-spread systems.
  • E-business technology. The platform’s software connects businesses with their agents and affiliates (hotels, travel agencies, tour operators), improving and optimizing all the transactions.
  • Cloud computing management. Low in cost and quick in installation, this 24/7 service enables safe business operations with automatic updates and back-ups.
  • Reports and statistics. The platform allows gathering data on the company’s performance. The analysis helps in measuring its efficiency and profitability. Various financial and statistical reports contribute to setting relevant goals.
  • Movement history. The system tracks, records, and saves the car’s itinerary for 1, 3, or 6 months depending on the purchased package.
  • Service plan. This function helps monitor and adjust a strategy for the maintenance of each car in the fleet. Car service reminders are available in the settings.

VOS System

To optimize business operations, Rent Syst offers to complement all the numerous functions mentioned above with their VOS System. With the help of 1 or 2 sensors installed into each car, the system provides access to monitoring either limited or full functionality of a vehicle, depending on the tariff plan. Synchronized with RentSyst, the on-board computers transfer the following data:

  • the coordinates of the vehicle’s current location and its travel history;
  • the fuel consumption rate and the vehicle’s speed;
  • passing through restricted and beyond-technical-support areas;
  • cases of vehicle use without booking.

All these settings are available in the Limited mode. Apart from the above points, the Full mode also includes the following additional details and functions:

  • contactless car hire with the use of a mobile phone;
  • overspeeding and reckless driving alerts;
  • engine overheat warnings;
  • notice of headlights left “on”;
  • theft prevention – doors opening alerts and remote blockage of the car’s engine;
  • warnings about a car crash and other damages;
  • exceeding a mileage limit.

The Tariffs 

RentSyst offers 3 tariff plans, and they vary depending on the number of rented vehicles:

  • Beginner – for companies owing less than 25 vehicles;
  • Standard – for those managing between 25 and 100 cars;
  • Expert – for market players with more than 100 vehicles at their disposal.

The cost of each plan is based on the number of cars connected to it. Also, the website provides a very handy calculator, which allows determining the total sum charged per month and per year for the use of the software. A similar tool is available to calculate the costs of the VOS system implementation for each specific user.

Thus, RentSyst is an efficient and adaptive fleet management solution combining the affordable and flexible pricing with the high quality, simplicity in use, and functionality of its services. The platform makes it possible to define the specific needs of a business, optimize its development strategy, and move it in the right direction.

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