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5 Businesses to Run During the Holidays

Running A Successful Business After Reputational Damage

If you are a business-minded or money-minded person, you must already know of this. If you don’t, let me share a little secret: Holidays are the best times to start a business and earn. ‘Why?’ Because people are in the purchasing mood⁠— they got their bonuses; they want their family to be happy; they want to spend, in short.

This opens up lots of opportunities on the other side of the trade⁠— the side where one accepts what people spend. And if you want to grab one of those opportunities, you might want to check out these five business ideas for the holiday season:

1. Become a travel planner/agent:

When we talk about holidays & vacations, one of the first things that come to mind is ‘Travel’. People travel during the holiday season⁠— in fact, that’s the only time when most individuals(with their families)  leave the states.

Therefore, to be on the other side of this transaction(where a lot of money is involved), becoming a travel agent is an excellent decision. Indeed, it requires initial preparation, but once you have your network, making travel arrangements for others is a lucrative opportunity to grab during holidays.

2. Pet Sitting:

Talking about tours and trips, one important family member that isn’t allowed in most places is the pet. Moreover, maintaining them during leisure time is no different than working. Therefore, travelers leave their pet(s) with a pet sitter. 

You can be that pet sitter.

In some cases, you need to check on their pups a couple of times during the day, and that too at their home. In others, they lend it to you at your home/center. If the latter applies, you should be prepared with the best soft-sided dog crate, the best strollers, and the best food, among others. You should also make sure that your clients have pet health insurance in place for their furry friends.

3. Party Planning:  

Like travel planning, party planning is another hot business during holidays. People party and they do not have time to organize everything. 

In this transaction, you get paid a reasonable amount for planning and executing a desirable party. Moreover, you can get paid as an affiliate of other needed service providers like decorators, caterers, etc. too.

A double win, in a nutshell.

4. Gift items seller:

Another common theme throughout the holiday season is people give and receive gifts⁠— or as Sheldon would put it: reciprocate. 

You can be the guy or the girl from whom both parties buy those gifts. You can buy things wholesale and sell it online or offline, you can also sell homemade crafts, or you can mix a few likable stuff and sell it as a gift basket.

Either way, selling at a margin is profitable.

Business Meeting

5. Affiliate marketing:

To make huge profits during the holidays, affiliate marketing is an excellent choice of business. But…this isn’t a business one can profit from right away. It takes time. You need to grow an audience, you need to build an email list, and more importantly, you need to create a brand.

Once you have all, send newsletter during holidays⁠— ones with exclusive offers from quality brands, with whom you are affiliated.

Long-Term thinking yet lucrative holiday business, indeed. 

Final words

The holidays are arriving soon. You still have the time to execute almost all the abovementioned businesses except affiliate marketing. Are you thinking of starting one? If yes, which one? Let us know in the comments below.

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