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Best Gifts for your Wedding Anniversary

Anniversaries are the best time to commemorate your love for each other. You have spent a considerable amount of time together, through ups and downs, getting to know each other well. There may be several good experiences to smile about, a handful of bad experiences to take lessons from, yet having each other always makes the journey beautiful.

Sometimes, love may not be expressed well in words. That is where gifts play an essential role. Gifting your better half on your anniversary shows that you care, love, and have only grown closer to each other over the years. It shall also be a memorable token that shall always remind them how much you mean to them.

Getting a gift for your better half might not be easy. Love is undoubtedly complicated, and so is finding the best ways to show it. The market is now filled with various options, with both offline and online portals boasting an endless number of gifting options. But who are we kidding? It is 2021, the online age, and several creative presents can keep your partner happy and serve as a good memory.

To help you in this gift search, we have listed below the top 6 wedding anniversary gifts that you can get online and give your partner a beautiful token of love to serve as a good memory for years to come.

 1. Mobile Phones

Hold up, before you think it is too familiar a gift to be given in 2021, you need to think over how far the mobile generation has grown. There are new models thrown open in the market by the second.

Getting your partner a mobile phone symbolizes that you always want your love to evolve like the phones, and it is also an excellent way to give your partner something advanced and valuable to fit this era. You can buy phones online, and being a device that never outgrows time, and you might also get brand new offers on leading models!

2. Personalized carvings

Now, who doesn’t love the idea of engraving your love forever? Wooden caricatures and engraving boards do just that. Fulfill your idea of preserving your love by ordering these personalized gift pieces. You can get them to be just photo frames, fun caricatures, pen stands, etc. 

Take it a step forward by personalizing pillows with your names, wedding hashtags, love phrases, or your favorite memory. The options are endless when it comes to personalized gifts to make your love feel special.

3. Love in the air, with perfumes

Now, isn’t perfume just the ideal gift to remind your partner of your presence even in your absence? Perfumes are the ideal gift to enhance your partner’s aura and make your intimacy smell special. Even as your partner may be busy rushing through deadlines and may forget to call or think about you, the perfume you give shall do the job of reminding them of you and coat them in your warmth. Besides, some perfume makes everything pretty, doesn’t it?

You can get perfumes specified for men, women, and even unisex so you may match your scent with your partner.

4. Anniversary Cakes

It is famously said that ‘Food is the way to a person’s heart’. Anniversary cakes don’t have to be the monotonous plain ones. Go big by adopting themes like truffle cakes, red velvet cake, fruit cake, coffee cake, cheesecake, exotic cake, eggless cake, sugar-free cake, tier cakes. It always goes a long way to becoming a good memory to cherish!

5. “Plant” your love

Plants are the best way to show your partner how much they matter. By gifting a plant, you get to grow it together and watch your love grow too! There are many plants like air purifying plants, bonsai plants, lucky bamboo, indoor plants, outdoor plants, terrarium plants, money plants, outdoor plants, etc. Choose from a variety of these green beauties to plant your love. 

6. Name a star

Aren’t our partners just out of the world? So why not give them something worthy of them? Express your love beyond galaxies by registering for a star in their name. Now, they may not hold it, but you can spend time watching it with your partner and making a wish! Unique, loved, and memorable- this gift is one in a million (stars)!

Thoughtful gifts go a long way in making your special day memorable. Celebrate the journey you have with your special someone with these innovative gifts and start new memories! 

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