Friday, December 9

Are you Upgrading Your Lighting Solution? Consider LED Tube lights!

Gone is the era of fluorescent light tubes and incandescent bulbs. The modern LED tube lights are so much better than all of them that it is not even a fair comparison. There is not a single thing a fluorescent or incandescent light can do better than an LED, other than inducing nostalgia maybe.

This is the reason why every day, so many households and businesses are switching over. People are switching even if the previous lights are perfectly functional, and honestly, who can blame them. The old lights are so inefficient and inconvenient compared to LEDs that holding on to them is a waste of money. The LED tube lights from Lepro (more info at provide everything one would want in a light.

Here’s what makes these new LED tube lights so special:

They are extremely efficient:

As the world falls to ruin due to climate change, the importance of energy preservation is becoming more and more apparent. LED tube lights are crazy efficient with their energy usage. They take a fraction of the energy required to light a single fluorescent tube without leaving anything on the table. Not to mention this energy-saving will directly lead to reduced energy costs. LED tube lights will pay for themselves in some time, just by using less energy.

They are way brighter:

What’s the point of a light source if it can’t even properly illuminate something underneath it? Luckily, Lepro LED tube lights don’t have this issue at all. LEDs, in general, are decently luminescent, but combine them together in a tube form, and you’ve got yourself a mega bright source of light. Consider the previous point about using much less energy, and LED tube lights almost seem like magic.

They are instant:

A massive issue with fluorescent lights specifically was that they took ages to start up. Then, even when they did turn on, they were extremely dim in the beginning. It took upwards of five to ten minutes to get a fluorescent tube to full brightness. LED tube lights, on the other hand, are completely instantaneous. You press the button, and they are on before you even realize it.

They last longer:

LED tube lights will, without a doubt, last you a long time. There are two main reasons for that. First is the construction. Fluorescent tubes were made from thin glass; easily breakable. LED tube lights have plastic defuses, making them way stronger than glass ever was. The second reason is the technology itself. LED modules have an absurdly long lifespan. The electronics surrounding the LED modules will die years before the modules even feel a dent in their performance.

They are controllable:

You can get LED tube lights that are completely multicolored, as well as lights that can be dimmed to whatever brightness you want. This is great for home lighting as sometimes the moody lighting is way more relaxing.


LED tube lights are clearly the future of consumer lighting solutions, and it would be silly to opt for other technologies when these are so great in every way.

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