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5 Reasons You Need SMS Marketing

Why you need SMS marketing

Marketing has gone through several phases over the years. Decades ago, traditional marketing methods, such as billboards and printed posters were flying high. The digital age, however, has upended that course. 

The advent of social media and voice marketing has changed the face of marketing. One marketing method that has been understated and perhaps underutilized is Short Messaging Service (SMS) marketing, also known as Text Marketing. This channel allows businesses to reach out to customers via text with promos, product launches, discounts and sale offers.

Here are three reasons your business should join the SMS marketing bandwagon.

It is Direct and Immediate

You can reach your customers directly through SMS messaging. You won’t have to use a third-party medium, say Facebook or Instagram, to reach your potential clients. There is no wait time in SMS marketing. Once you compose the message and hit send, your customers receive it immediately. Additionally, SMSes are often short and simple, making it easy for customers to read and understand. 

It is Mobile-Friendly

Close to 90% of Americans own a mobile phone while 81% use it to text. Globally, 60% of people own mobile phones. Your business can cross borders through texting. Texting is a convenient, fast and effective medium of communication for most people. That’s why text marketing is more appealing.

Most people consider their phones as an extension of themselves so they never miss a message. This results in SMS lead generation that beats other types of lead generation. This type of marketing is also eco-friendly as it eliminates the need for paper, graphics, etc.

It has a Higher Open Rate

Compared to other channels such as social media and emails and over-the-top (OTT) apps, SMS marketing has the highest open rate. While email marketing is touted as a channel with high ROI, emails often sit in inboxes for a long time without being read. On the contrary, over 90% of SMSes are open and read within minutes.

This removes the hassle over creating catchy subject lines that entice users to open messages. Also, there is no need to worry about your messages ending up in a spam folder. To ensure messages are delivered without error, conduct data cleaning or a DCN list scrub.

It is Flexible and Customizable

Ask any marketer, the keyword in marketing is personalization. With AI SMS marketing, you can craft automated SMS and customize messages to suit the needs of the target client. AI SMS marketing and the use of SMS chatbots crates conversational SMS that allows for customization and personalization. There are tooling options such as Textback that make the process easy.

It is easy to manage, track and implement. Additionally, it doesn’t have to be the stand-alone marketing means – it can fit into an overall marketing strategy. For instance, if you are implementing a multi-channel marketing strategy, SMS marketing is a great option. Create an SMS marketing guide with SMS marketing tips to guide the implementation of your strategy.

It is Cheap

Imagine how much it would cost your business to put up a series of ads on television or on a billboard. That cost is considerably lower when you use SMS marketing. While prices for SMS mass marketing differs, you can send hundreds or thousands of messages each month at a low cost. Besides the low up-front cost, automated SMS marketing delivers the best ROI ensuring that your business gets value for money.

In a Sum

No business can thrive without effective marketing. You may have a good product and a great team but without getting the word out there and convincing people that your product or service is worth it, your business won’t go far. That’s why SMS marketing is a no-brainer. In the article above, the reasons for SMS marketing are listed and explained. If you’ve not joined the train, don’t waste any more time.

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