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Why Learn To Code?

One of the most common questions aspiring Java developers pose is, “Why should I learn to code?” Coding is quickly becoming one of the must-have skills for those looking to advance in their careers. The average salary for entry-level software developers is more than $40,000 in many economies worldwide. In the United States, Java programmers can earn up to $108,000 per year. 

Thus, pursuing a career in software development is a wise decision, and if you’re wondering how to learn Java or another programming language, this article is a fantastic place to start. You’ll discover what coding is, the advantages of learning to code, the top programming languages, and the resources to use.

What is Coding?

Coding refers to the means of communicating with computers. Or coding means writing a set of instructions (codes) for a computer to perform a certain task. Coding is a smart way to talk to a computer. Mastering the skill of writing codes helps you build software, apps, and even websites.

Codes are used to make electronic devices function optimally. Calculators, mobile phones, and even supercomputers all use codes.

Programming languages are artificial languages designed for use by electronic devices for easy control by humans. These languages consist of a series of numerical and alphabetic codes.

Top-level codes can convert human language into binary codes, which computers can understand. Developers depend on their work using various programming languages to design websites and mobile applications. HTML, CSS, or Javascript are the preferred languages for front-end developers.

Websites with a large database and many users, such as social media sites, require more sophisticated language. Back-end developers typically use Java, SQL query builder, and Python for this task. Other languages include Objective-C, C#, Swift, among others.

Top programming languages to study

Here is a brief overview of some programming languages with Java as the focus:


Java remains the most popular language used by app developers. The language is easy to use and offers many variations. Java’s open-source nature enhances the creativity of a developer. 

Some advantages of Java are:

  • Java is stable (not many bugs in the implementation) 
  • Java has enormous libraries. (there are always existing codes that can be found when you need to do something with Java) 
  • Java is easy to deploy. (java byte code can run on Android, iOS, and Windows.) 
  • It is multithreaded. Java can perform multiple tasks simultaneously in one program. 
  • Java is secure. Security is a core component of its design. 
  • Java is easy to learn. It is quite straightforward and uncomplicated to learn, especially the Codegym tutorial. 
  • Java has lots of official support and forums to help you navigate your way. 


C# is an object-oriented programming language. It was developed by Microsoft to run on the Net framework. C# is effective for creating mobile applications, game development, and other software for Web and Windows. It is not restrictive as it is a general-purpose, multi-paradigm programming language. 


Wikipedia has described Python as an interpreted high-level, general-purpose programming language. Writing codes with this language can be as simple as writing English. Python is useful as a portable language for app developers and works across multiple platforms. 


Although not an android language, Kotlin has become a favorite among app developers. It appeared fairly recently in 2016. At Google, Kotlin is the favored programming language for applications on its Playstore. 

You might be wondering, why not go for Kotlin? Most of its features are inspired by Java and use the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) for its operations. Kotlin is easy to understand for beginners and has less complex codes. 

Benefits of learning to code

The following are some of the reasons why you should learn to code:

  1. Coding offers a lot of opportunities.
  2. Coding is financially rewarding.
  3. Coding improves your logical thinking. 
  4. Coding helps you actualize your dreams of building your niche software.
  5. Coding connects you to the world.


Numerous opportunities exist in the field of coding


The tech industry is filled with abundant job opportunities. Almost every company is going digital and needs the services of programmers. Services and products are now trading virtually with automated payments. 

Persons with coding abilities are now in high demand. Mastering a programming language such as Java makes you secure jobs quickly, either on-site or remotely. 

With the rate at which goods and services are being automated and digitized, more opportunities are bound to open up for coders. Learning how to code, therefore, future-proof you for any eventuality in the future. 

Coding is financially rewarding



Source: Payscale

Java developers with ten to nine years of experience get average total pay of $100,906 based on 131 salaries, while those with twenty years or more earn an average total compensation of $108,352.

The high demand for software engineers has made them command high salaries and compensations. A programming expert can name his price. Across the world, the tech industry pays some of the most lucrative remunerations. Many startups need people with knowledge of coding and are ready to pay for the privilege. 

The earning potential and growth prospects in this field are quite massive. You can decide to be a freelance programmer or build a full-time career at an organization. Learning how to code certainly helps in eliminating your financial troubles.

Coding improves logical thinking



The sophistication of programming languages means that learning them requires an appreciable level of logical reasoning. Navigating your way through various challenges on your learning path sharpens your mind. 

When you start learning how to code, you will discover your creative senses expanding and problem-solving abilities growing. Just like playing chess, coding helps you approach problems logically rather than emotionally. Beyond learning how to code for financial rewards, the mental benefits are priceless.

Coding helps to actualize your dream to change the world



You probably have aspirations to proffer solutions to some of the challenges the world is facing at this time. Dreams of making life easier for people. Like an app to provide secured payments or blockchain technology to improve healthcare access to remote people. 

This might be why you want to learn to code. Coding skills make your dreams much more realizable. This helps you break the plans into smaller components and start constructing. Learning and mastering coding is one sure way to bring these dreams to reality.

Coding connects you to the world



Many programmers sit in front of their laptops and work on projects with colleagues on another continent in real-time. It’s incredible how coding can shape your social life. Coding can bring a Japanese UI/UX designer together with a back-end engineer from Brazil. All in the comfort of their homes or offices. 

Resources for coding 

Coding is quite a technical and mentally draining activity. It requires a lot of focus and logical reasoning. For some curriculums available online, the approach is usually theoretical without proper guidance for the student. 


Codegym is an online Java programming course with about 1200 tasks. Codegym’s online course consists of 80% practice and 20% Java theory. This means that the teaching is more hands-on, and the student gets to write tons of codes. 

As a beginner, you will have about 500+ hours of Java practice and coding. The course itself is divided into 40 levels, and progress to another level is dependent on completing a level. You will start from taking small and simple tasks till you graduate to more complex ones. 

Another unique feature of Codegym is its virtual mentor, which checks solutions in the blink of an eye. You don’t have to wait for teachers to verify your solutions anymore. The Codegym Java tutorial uses teaching methods like visualization, storytelling, gaming, among other modern techniques, to aid your learning.

Interestingly, you can learn the course at your own pace whenever you want. 


This platform bases its teaching on problem-solving. As a beginner on Code Abbey, your learning is dependent on how well you can solve the questions on the website. 

This method improves your programming logic and helps you apply the knowledge of operators, data structures, and algorithms in resolving a problem. With CodeAbbey, approaching problems will become easier due to the progression in the difficulty of questions you would have encountered while learning. 


Pluralsight’s platform provides various Java courses grouped into beginner, intermediate and advanced levels. It has about 15 courses giving background into how to build, deploy and scale programs using Java provided for beginners. 

At the end of each course, a learner can test his knowledge with quizzes and challenges. Also, the Pluralsight course has videos and study materials for more explicit learning. 


Programming languages are fast becoming as important as human languages. Java, in particular, remains the programming language to learn to break into the tech industry. This article is intended to inspire you to learn to code, particularly Java, due to its extensive feature set.

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