Monday, July 15

Skip Tracing: Unusual Methods for Tracking Down Anyone

Are you a debt collector, an investor, or a sleuth looking for a fugitive? You can use a few methods to find anyone. Finding a person’s current location while they are on the run is known as skip tracing. Private and public databases contain data on just about anyone.

Using the methods listed below, you will be able to locate anyone in no time.

Social Media

Most people nowadays use social media to stay in touch with friends and look for new jobs. Some people sign up with their real names and other personal information.

In addition to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn, there are numerous other social media sites to consider as well.

Using their feed and posts, you can see where they’ve been recent, who their relatives are, and other things they’ve been up to.

Google Search Engine

Google is the world’s most popular search engine. Isn’t it amazing how much you can find out about yourself online? As a result, you can use keywords or the little you know about someone to learn more about them.

People’s social media accounts and relevant articles can also be found by using Google.

You can find out a person’s physical address, contact information, and most recent place of employment using this search engine. As a reminder, this only applies if the person in question has previously provided personal information online. These are useful hints for finding someone based on their little-known information.


It’s possible to find out about someone’s family history here for free. If you’re trying to figure out where a person came from or who you can contact on their behalf, look up their obituary.

Families can point someone in the right direction by pointing out where people have been before. What if you find a relative and ask where they are? Probably the most common thing between the parties involved in their family name.

People-finding websites

Surely you didn’t know that there are free websites and platforms where you can pay for subscriptions in order to meet someone. There are times when the internet is kind enough to help you learn more about someone.

You can use keywords to search for information about someone on free websites. The fact that it isn’t the most efficient method and that one can’t be certain of discovering all of the relevant details about someone is a drawback.

On the other hand, when you pay for services on a website, you pay for each individual user. A single entry costs money, and multiple entries cost money each time you want to learn more about someone.


This is a free and open-source asset. An alphabetical listing of people’s names and contact information can be found in this book. In this section, you can find their location, address, and phone number.

Telephone booths usually have a directory in them. Nowadays, there are copies of directories that can be shared with interested parties in a form that is more convenient for everyone involved.

The use of directories is governed by a set of rules. You can be prosecuted if you misuse the information in directories.

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