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Reactions to Madden 23 from the Front Line of the Franchise: Why Is Electronic Arts Still Doing This

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A considerable amount of time playing the Face of the Franchise mode during my time with the beta version of Madden 23, as well as after the game was initially made available to the general public for purchase. After reading that most seasons crashed after the first year, I decided to postpone diving in and fully immersing myself in this year’s single-player career mode until things get patched. Even though I enjoyed it, I decided to wait until things got patched because I read that most seasons crashed after the first year. Even though I enjoyed it, I’ve heard that after the first year, most seasons fail to maintain their viewership. During the time that I had to kill while I was waiting, I experimented with a wider range of body positions than I would have done under normal circumstances.

The experience I gained from taking part in the beta, in conjunction with the feeling that I have gained from playing Face of the Franchise more than I ever have before, gives me the impression that I have played the game more than I ever have before. It does not necessarily mean that I now adore the mode, but the point is that I feel like I’ve never felt more like an expert when it comes to giving my thoughts on the entirety of the mode. This is not to say that I no longer enjoy playing the mode. This does not imply that playing the mode is no longer something I enjoy doing. Having said all of that, I’d like to give some of my feedback on the Madden 23 Face of the Franchise.

The game that altered the course of the franchise’s history is known as Madden 23.

Before you can even start playing Face of the Franchise, the very first thing you need to do is decide what role you want to play in the game. There are a variety of different characters available for you to choose from. The five positions that are up for grabs during the selection process are as follows: quarterback, running back, wide receiver, cornerback, and linebacker. After putting each one to the test, I was able to determine the advantages and disadvantages that come along with each position. I have compiled a list of these findings below.


It is possible to see right through it. Playing from the quarterback position in Madden 23’s Face of the Franchise mode will give you the most realistic experience possible. The quarterback role serves as the focal point not only of the story but also of a number of the game’s objectives and cutscenes.

If you play quarterback, you will have the most say over the outcome of each game. This is because quarterbacks are responsible for calling the plays. You have the option of concentrating your efforts solely on the position, or you can choose to take charge of the entire offensive unit.

Running Back

Even though there has been significant progress made in the running game so far this season, there are still problems, most notably with the performance of the offensive line. Taking on the role of a running back, on the other hand,  Madden 23 how to make coins, within the game to buy it or buy it online, it is a fantastic way to rack up a large number of targets and leave an impression on the game.

Wide Receiver

This piqued my interest because of the new interactions between the defensive backs and the wide receivers, but I found myself giving up on the run and instead attempting to force-feed the ball to my wide receiver. I found this interesting because of the new interactions between the wide receivers and the defensive backs. It made it impossible to play the game in a realistic manner, and it almost never led to a successful outcome.


I’m glad I gave it a shot because I got to experience some exciting moments, such as when the ball was in the air or when I was trying to keep up with a quick wide receiver. I’m glad I did it because I got to have those experiences. On the other hand, out of all the roles in the group, this was the one that I enjoyed playing the least. To tell you the truth, I think it would be best if they either allowed us to play EDGE or gave us permission to use the safety.


On the defensive side of the ball, playing through Fear of the Fallen as a middle linebacker was one of my favorite roles to control, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise to hear that this was one of my favorite positions to play. Unfortunately, the influence that this position has on the game is not even close to being as significant as the influence that some of the other positions have. It is not important how stalwart you are in the middle of the defense; what is important is that the other 10 players pull their weight and contribute to the team’s success. And taking into consideration the fact that the overwhelming majority of them are not under my control, I am confident that you are already familiar with how that works.

To provide a brief summary, if you want to take part in defensive activities, the middle linebacker position is the one you should play. When it comes to the offense, I think that playing quarterback is the best option, and running back is a close second. Although I had a lot of fun playing wide receiver, I couldn’t see myself continuing to do it for an entire season despite how much fun it was. Anyone who needs guidance from me should avoid the position of cornerback.

Why I Take Pleasure in Reading This Story

When it comes to role-playing games, the vast majority of the single-player game modes are not worth playing if there is not an engaging story to accompany them. In comparison to previous iterations of the game, I believe that the Face of the Franchise mode that was included in this year’s installment took a fresh approach to the problem. In previous years, Electronic Arts’ FOtF would not get started until much later in the college football season than it does now. The primary goal, in order to have your name called by one of the 32 NFL teams, would be to toil your way through the college football playoffs as well as all of the intricacies of the pre-draft process. This would be a very difficult task to accomplish.

This year, in comparison to the previous year, we will be conducting certain activities somewhat differently. For one thing, you are no longer a novice who looks at the world with wide-eyed wonder. Instead, you are a seasoned professional who is looking for a fresh start and the perfect opportunity in the industry you are currently working in. You are free to sign with any National Football League team, but the teams that are interested in signing you will be determined by the players they already have on their roster. For example, a team that does not presently have a quarterback will be a better fit for you, and they will almost certainly make you a contract offer that reflects this fact because they are in such desperate need of a quarterback right now. EA has reverted to the previous method of doing things by awarding a letter grade to each team based on the needs of the team and how well it fits those needs in order to help you make a decision. This is being done in order to assist you in making a decision.

Along the way, just as in previous years, you will meet a colorful cast of characters hailing from a wide range of different origins. To become a member of Madden’s 99 Club, you must first win a Super Bowl and then work your way toward that club. This is the end goal of the Face of the Franchise competition that is being held this year.

The mechanism of play

To set the record straight, I have nothing but praise for a number of the new gameplay features that were included in Madden 23, particularly the precision passing. I was really excited about this feature when I first heard about it. Because of these recent additions, the game has been given a fresh start and a second chance at success. The new accuracy system has made it more rewarding to play the quarterback position, and it has provided players with more tools to counteract some of the defensive tendencies. In addition, the accuracy system has made it easier for players to pass on opportunities. Because of the addition of new tackling animations and interactions between wide receivers and defensive backs, the game has been given a new lease on life. EA has made a move in the right direction by implementing a number of changes that are intended to increase the sense of involvement that is experienced by players as a result of playing their games.

Individuals will now be required to complete their weekly activities, which will have an effect on their statistics on game day. This is in addition to providing answers to questions and making significant choices as you progress through your story, many of which I’m still unsure even have an effect on the story. The following is an example of what the weekly task list for the Face of the Franchise achievement in Madden 23 might look like if it were implemented. Buy cheap Madden 23 coins from, with constant delivery and a safe deal! 

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