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How to Choose an Optimal Commercial or Residential Security Camera System?

As Toronto and GTA areas get increasingly more populated, homes and businesses invest an increasing amount of money into security cameras and other security solutions. As security cameras are getting more and more popular, the supply increases as well. As such, there is a number of options to consider when deciding what security camera system to install for your home and business.

We sat down with Daniel Sumarokoff, founder of Citadel to go over the main considerations you should keep in mind when selecting a security camera system for your home and business.

You Need a Plan

If you don’t know where you want to get, it will be really hard to get there. That’s why we recommend outlining the objectives of your project and areas that need to be monitored more closely, compared to others. This is especially important when working on commercial security camera installation projects.

Business security camera systems tend to be a lot more complicated, compared to an average home security camera system. Commercial projects often cover parking lots, stairwells, common areas, customer service areas etc. Having a plan in mind is essential for the successful completion of a project.

Range, Wide Angle, or Both?

Another important consideration when deciding on the type security cameras you need is to look at special requirements for an area you are looking to watch over. One of the most common examples here is when selecting a bullet vs a dome camera. Generally speaking, dome cameras provide a wider angle of view and are vandal-proof, which can be important in some scenarios.

Meanwhile, bullet cameras, whilst providing smaller angle viewing capabilities, are known for providing longer-range view capabilities.

However, in some scenarios, clients may require both – excellent zoom, combined with a wide angle viewing capabilities. In cases like this, we often recommend going for premium options, for example, Ubiquiti security cameras & network equipment. While the equipment itself may be a lot more expensive, compared to other brands, you get what you pay for. Outstanding performance, ideal look & feel of the equipment gives you an Apple-like feel and performance. 

Special Requirements

This largely belongs to the planning stage of the project, but you need to know if the areas you are looking to monitor have any special requirements, such as low-light setting or night vision requirements. The last thing you want is a camera that can’t see in the dark in a dark setting. 

If I could leave you with one tip, it’s talk to an expert before you go for a project. Getting someone who deals with projects like yours every day will help you make the right choices, will save you thousands of dollars in the long run and will actually make sure that you get what you need out of your security camera system.

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