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Choosing Unlimited Data for Your Cell Phone Plan

Increasing internet content consumption through mobile phones has led to some telecommunication companies offering affordable data plans in Singapore. The plans promise to satisfy the data needs of all Singaporeans.

With the current technological dynamics, everyone desires to be associated with a dependable and fast network connection. You need data to venture into resourceful internet content and information such as news, virtual courses, long-form articles, applications, online videos, games, and streaming music.

As a consumer, you need to consider a given order before signing up for any data plan, especially the unlimited ones.

Terminologies to learn

Deprioritization is the point when your cell phone service provider occasionally reduces your data due to network congestion.

Throttling is when your cell phone service provider slows down your data because you either have used up the data amount allocated for your high-speed surfing or are on a lower-tier plan.

Below is what to look for before you opt to sign up for a cell phone plan:

Price – before purchasing, take your time to read the fine print about the data speed. Genuinely, high-speed unlimited data is more expensive than deprioritized or throttled data.

Data – know the amount of data you averagely need in a month to determine which data plan is suitable for you. Consider the fact that some unlimited plans are extremely slow.

Features – your cell phones usages like hotspots, streaming services, subscriptions, and business travel scenarios like international or local coverage will determine your options. Every plan has something unique for you that you should not overlook, such perks as you settle on your last decision.

Coverage – when in urban areas, the major networks offer exemplary coverage. However, once you are out of the urban areas, a given network may be better in service provision than the others. Therefore, put the coverage maps into use to compare the best network services in your region.

Therefore, a best unlimited 4g data plan should be inclusive of the features and services highlighted below:

  • One offering enjoyable subscription services like any unused 4g data allowances rolled over to continuing months, to a given maximum amount—for instance, Circles. Life offers a rollover of up to 300 GB to subsequent months with a 100 GB throttled data speed. Moreover, you enjoy a free caller ID, 25 free SMS with 100 minutes of talk time. That comes by subscribing to an unlimited data of $18/month Base plan and a 20/month contract-free.
  • One which gives subsidies such as phone handsets. However, some contenders may have contracts for a given period. For example, Singtel offers a DATA X INFINITY plan at $ 29.90 added to a Combo in a two-year duration.
  • That which can permit customers to join the network freely and still enjoy unlimited data. Like, TPG’s SIM Only Plan allowed consumers to join its network at no cost over 12 months, and they still enjoyed the unlimited data, which throttled after 2 GB daily.

Therefore, every plan provides options of mixed free incoming calls, caller ID, talk time, plus other valuable services. To choose the best plan, you require intensively looking into the above considerations for one suitable for your individual needs now and in the future.

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