Wednesday, September 27

When and Why Should You Use Emoji in Facebook Ads?

While crafting ads, the golden rules that every marketer must observe are relevance, clarity, and creativity. As you create Facebook ads, among the creative areas you might be struggling with is emoji inclusion.

Keeping up with users’ tastes necessitates emoji in ads, yet using them could dilute your message or divert its relevance. It is such a puzzle, but it doesn’t have to be overwhelming. You can employ your creative marketing juice to include emoji in Facebook ads strategically, but the question is when and why you should consider such an approach, you can click here to read more about it. Let’s take a quick dive into when and why emoji could work for your Facebook ads.

When should you use emoji?

Before you think about including emoji, consider your target audience, the brand, and the message. Emoji are best used to amplify a positive emotion and reaction, such as using a smiley face, developing a friendly brand voice.  Not all brands or ads fit in such a category.

For example, an ad for a funeral home could be limited to sad emoji, and while creative, it amplifies the not-so-good emotions. This could affect the ad’s effectiveness as it rubs the target users the wrong way. If you’re targeting a lively audience, using a light conversational tone, then you should use emoji in your Facebook ads.

Why use emoji in Facebook ads?

Attention magnet

A monotonous text block isn’t that appealing, especially on social media. Emoji adds color and is more engaging than words, helping you spice the ad. A single emoji can express what you might need a sentence or two to convey, and with creative inclusion, you can attract a significant, capture their interest, and keep them glued long enough to tip their reaction in your favor.

Transcend cultural barriers

Emoji conveys emotion we all understand, and with creative inclusion, you can reach out to an extensive user base, even those that don’t fully understand your written language. Clarity is among the top rules you should observe while tailoring your ads. With emoji, you can transcend barriers that affect the message conveyed, ensuring that you are well understood.

Workaround bias

Modern consumers are biased against ads. They don’t want to feel like you are selling to them but instead, providing valuable information to help their decision making. While advertising on social media, working around such bias can’t be stressed enough, noting that users are more likely to skip monotonous posts without a single scan. Emoji spices the ads as they are inviting, making them look like non-promotional content, and that first glance could be all you need to capture their attention and trigger a reaction in favor of your business.

Emoji are a part of our modern culture but don’t go “crazy” while including them in your Facebook ads. Understand your niche, the audience, and how they relate to your brand, and as you pick the best emoji, be moderate. Overdoing it might dilute the ad or make your business look unprofessional, eating the logic of your efforts.

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