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How You Can Save Snapchat Stories

How You Can Save Snapchat Stories

Want to save Snapchat stories in your cameraroll or photo library? No problem! There are several apps out there that help you do this and in this article, we’ll be listing some of them.

You Can easily save the stories, chats or images from your Snapchat.

Remember that if you take screenshots of people’s story, the publisher will be notified. There are few apps however which might help you to save someone’s story without giving a notification to the person that has posted it.

Some are available only for android, some for iOS and some for both. Some people find it a bit rude to use third-party apps because they won’t get a notification when you screenshots their posts, and it’s not the nicest thing to screenshot people’s posts without letting them now. But this is up to you. We’re not here to judge;)

1. SnapSave

Snap Save is an IOS app that lets you save all of your Snapchats for future fun. Being able to save Snapchats isn’t new itself- there are actually other ways to do it, but unlike other methods, this app prevents the sender from knowing you’ve saved it which is appreciated by many.

2. SnapBox

Snapbox is yet another app that lets you save people’s snaps and stories without letting the person that has posted it know.

3. SaveMySnaps

SaveMySnaps allows you to Save, Share and Send Snapchats, it also has features that snapchat doesn’t. When you view or save a Snap, the sender does not know until you ask SaveMySnaps to notify them.

 4. Casper

Casper is an alternative Android client for the popular ephemeral messaging app Snapchat™. With Casper you can Save Snaps, Send Snaps from your Gallery and much more! With Casper you can act like a ghost and stealthily save media. The sender won’t know you have done so.

5. SnapCrack

SnapCrack has two key features:1 Save your snaps & stories to your camera roll without the sender knowing! 2 Send your own snaps and post story like Snapchat, even from camera roll/photo album

These were some of the tips on How to Save People´s Snapchat Stories. Comment below if you have any further questions!

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