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How To Turn Likes Into Followers on Instagram?

How Can I Convert Likes to Followers on Instagram?

If someone liked your photo, it means they saw it.

For someone to follow you, they can click follow right from the picture. However, think about people you follow on Instagram- why do you follow them?

Most people follow accounts on Instagram because they like their pictures, their vibe. And they like what they share. Most of the time people will click through to their profile and see the last 5 images they shared. If they find them interesting and believe they will continue sharing similar stuff in the future, people will follow.

So, look at your profile. Does it give confidence that you will continue to put out great pictures? If not, delete a few pictures or add some more awesome ones.

You can also have something in the bio that they want. An email address, info, a link. That can help get someone from just liking your photo to a follower.

However if you are just buying or trading likes, those will never convert into followers. You have to be real.

Make sure to have a display and at least 10 photos, as surveys have revealed that users are less likely to follow users with no display or less than 10 photos. Simply, set profile to public, use hashtags, follow and interact with people, ask for shoutouts from popular instagram users, link your instagram profile on other social networks, guest blog etc. There are many ways and answers to the question “How Can I Convert Likes to Followers on Instagram?”

The most important thing is undoubtedly that you have an interesting feed and os posting regularly and interesting posts.

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