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5 Little-Known SEO Tips That you Should Consider

5 little-known SEO tips that you should consider

SEO  – search engine optimization is one of the most effective and cost-effective online marketing strategies to date.

Every day, billions of searches are made online, and your customers are looking for a business like yours every single day. This means that if you are not ranking well on search engines, you are missing out on extremely valuable traffic and ways to reach your target audience.

So how can you improve your search engine rankings? Well, you probably know the basics already, so this is why, in this article, we will share 5 little-known SEO tips that not a lot of people think about, that could help you rank better, and improve your SEO.

1.Think about images

Most people only think about text, articles, and blog posts when working with SEO, but this means neglecting a very effective source of traffic through SEO, and that is images.

Not everyone is searching search engines for texts and articles, in fact, a lot of people are also searching for images on Google. This means that if you can get your images ranking well as well, you can get targeted and relevant individuals to find your images, and then click through to your website.

Google images

The bottom line is, do not neglect images in your search engine marketing strategy. Instead, you want to focus even more on images as the competition of ranking for images is considerably lower than for regular search.

Start creating images that your audience will like and enjoy, and make sure that you write alt tag and description of every image you upload, since Google can only read text, and not scan images that well.

2.Focus on long tail keywords

Most people, when starting out on SEO begin by going after the hardest and most competitive keywords that you can rank for. Of course, these are extremely difficult to rank for as the competition is super high. Therefore, you want to focus on long-tail keywords, even if the traffic is low. This is because it is far better to focus on a long -tail keyword and rank for it than to work for a high traffic keyword, and then rank on the 50th page for that keyword.

Long tail keyword

Plus, long-tail keywords also tend to drive far more targeted traffic.

When you have established yourself a leader within your industry, you can start looking at high traffic keywords, but the truth is that you’ll normally get far better results by focusing on long-tail.


This is a bit of a different SEO tip, but the fact is that it could be extremely valuable.

SEO is an art, and no-one knows for sure how Google really works. This is why it can be extremely valuable to try different SEO and optimization strategies as it can give you great information on how you should execute your SEO strategy for optimal performance.

Search engine optimization is about trying and experimenting, more than you might think.  Sure, you have the basics of what you know works, but search engines are constantly changing, so this is why experimenting and testing different strategies can be a great way to stay on top of the latest.

4.Focus on brand

You’d be surprised at how big of an impact brand has for rankings on search engines.

When people search for your brand, it shows Google that people are aware of your brand, and actively look for it. This is why a little-known and extremely effective SEO strategy is to go all in on your brand and increasing your brand awareness. For example, if you and a competitor are competing for the top position of the keyword ”car repair”, if you have more people searching for your brand, you have a much better chance of ranking in the first position.

Building a brand is a long-term strategy, but one that can prove to be really valuable for a lot of different areas, not to mention for SEO.

5.Download your website

This is probably the least thought of SEO tip that a lot of people forget about. And sadly, it can have really frustrating and painful consequences.

When a domain name expires, the website becomes unavailable for users. But it may contain a lot of useful unique content, tens and hundreds and thousands of good external links. What happens to them? 

When a domain name expires, the hosting is also disabled or deleted in most cases. The problem is that all useful backlinks are still out there, wasted.

When a domain name expires, what happens to a site from the search engines points of view? Well, the search engines have indexed the site, but now it becomes unavailable. What the search engines will do is gradually delete the site from the index, because it is not available and thus does not bring any value to the searchers. But the good news is that if a website becomes available again, all the pages on the site will be put back quickly together with their positions, as the addresses of the pages remain the same, the content is the same, and all backlinks remain, too.

But this is also where you need to take action. What you want to do is download and save your website shall anything happen to it using a wayback machine downloader.  If you store it, you will also be able to restore it in a way that all previous page addresses, both static and dynamic, would become available again with the same content. For doing this, you can use Archivarix.

When you download your site, Archivarix will provide complete restructuring and arrangement of the content of websites that are publicly shared in the Internet Archive. This means that the addresses of web pages become available at previous addresses, including also the dynamic ones. The page’s code can be fully processed to be brought into full conformity with all applicable standards; all missing or unclosed tags will be fixed.

Furthermore, the program will also optimize your website for maximum performance, and systemization and optimization of the content is provided in such a way that the average Google Pagespeed of the new website will be around 90 against the original 40-50, which means that the website will be nearly perfect on the criteria of the search systems, and all content and addresses of the pages will remain the same.

Archivarix offers a free limit of 200 files. Any site that contains 200 or less files may be recovered for free. A first thousand above this limit will cost $5 per thousand of files (0.5 cents per file). Every next thousand will cost $0.5 only. The cost will be calculated based on the accurate quantity of files for downloading. You have no regular subscriptions, no additional charges for the chosen optimization.

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