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Captivate and Surprise: Brand Ambassadors and Guerrilla Marketing Techniques

Captivate and Surprise: Brand Ambassadors and Guerrilla Marketing Techniques

Sometimes, developing a marketing strategy for an upcoming industry event can feel as though you’re experiencing déjà-vu. It feels like you’ve done the same planning a thousand times over, and at this point, you’re not sure how to tackle the next display booth in a way that feels fresh.

Even if it’s your first time exhibiting at a trade show, it’s not too soon to think outside of the box when it comes to event marketing. Guerrilla marketing relies on innovative, unconventional tactics that are meant to surprise audiences and supply maximum exposure to your services or product.

It doesn’t usually cost much to execute guerrilla marketing. It allows you and your team to be as creative as possible, and publicity and awareness for your brand will snowball. 

Guerrilla tactics are most effectively conducted with a team of professional brand ambassadors — event management and marketing professionals who promote your brand by interacting and engaging with consumers.

If you’re looking for creative guerrilla marketing inspiration for your next event, consider these examples that show the real power of brand ambassadors.

Make a Statement: T-Mobile’s Flash Mob at Liverpool Street Station

People often ask us, what do brand ambassadors accomplish and should I hire a team for my next event? We tell them: all of your event marketing needs, and absolutely.

Brand ambassadors are naturally charismatic marketing professionals. At events and trade shows, they will facilitate everything from the DJ booth to food and beverage arrangements. They are a crucial aspect to guerrilla marketing because they operate on the ground, engaging with attendees and executing your tactics.

You’ve probably heard of the term “flash mob” before. A flash mob is a perfect example of guerrilla marketing because it is unexpected, demands attention, and causes a flurry of discussion afterward.

A few years ago, T-Mobile unleashed a team of brand ambassadors to promote their brand in a busy station in London’s Underground. Out of nowhere, a group of ambassadors started to dance among the commuters on the Tube, eliciting a dramatic and positive reaction. 

With over 20 million views of the award-winning experience on YouTube, it’s safe to say T-Mobile made the right decision when they chose to try something different.

Take it to the Streets: Twentieth Century Fox Canada in Toronto

The UK isn’t the only place applying guerrilla tactics to marketing campaigns. When the 2018 Jennifer Lawrence film Red Sparrow was released here in Canada, Twentieth Century Fox teamed with two companies to shake up Toronto’s streets. 

Twenty brand ambassador models walked through downtown Toronto dressed as Jennifer Lawrence’s Russian spy character, handing out business cards to pedestrians with the film’s show times. 

The idea was to target moviegoers, concentrated in Yonge-Dundas Square at the heart of the city. The models stood out, capturing the attention from unsuspecting pedestrians. Because the film was promoted in such a unique manner, those who witnessed the activation were unlikely to forget it the next time they were in the mood to see a film.

If you want your next event to stand out and your brand to receive the attention it deserves, consider a captivating team of brand ambassadors and an innovative marketing plan. 

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