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Organic SEO Vs Social Media Marketing: What do Wonders?

Organic SEO vs Social Media Marketing: What do Wonders?

Well, in this era of high-end technologies, it’s not something impractical and impossible to get lost in cyberspace. So, if you are leading any online business or a website then it’s highly recommended to go the extra mile and ensure that your website is getting a hi-fi online visibility.

And, a couple of such renowned digital marketing strategies that can effectively skyrocket such online visibility are nothing but the organic SEO and social media marketing respectively. Actually, it totally depends on your website, one approach would be more effective than the other.

What is organic SEO?

Organic SEO is not something new! It is thriving since that time when digital marketing came into existence. It can be said that organic SEO is the grandfather of this well-known marketing concept. Well, SEO or search engine optimization is nothing but a method through which websites can acquire a high ranking in Google search results.

It definitely came into the world well-ahead of social media. To promote your website through organic SEO, one of the most significant things that you need to keep in mind is the understanding of which keywords are perfect for your website.

As per Techopedia, it is explained in the following way:

Organic seo meaning definition

What is the concept of Social Media Marketing?

Social media marketing is all about popularizing your business while engaging with people naturally and also communicating with them directly. Through social media marketing, you can gain huge traffic through various traditional ads that blend with sites like Facebook, Twitter etc.

If you want to excel in social media marketing then you need to keenly identify what you want to achieve. So, if you think that you would try to get famous on social media without any reason and still you will end up being successful then this is just absurd! Social media is difficult, you need to have a solid strategy.

As per Techopedia, social media marketing is:

Social media marketing meaning

How social media reigns over SEO?

Well, let’s move ahead to find out whether social media marketing is meeting or beating search engine optimization.

Counter back to criticism in real time

Online reputation management is one such business which is thriving well nowadays, thanks to the bad reviews about various products, and services. Unfortunately, you can do very less to respond back to such damaging articles about your products in search engine results.

But, on social media, you’ll definitely have a possibility to turn those complaints around or sometimes completely changing them into compliments while replying back in real time. Further, such an act from your end would certainly let your customers understand how you care about all of their satisfaction towards your business.

Peer endorsements are very easy like clicking a ‘like’ button

One of the most amazing perks of social media is that as soon as you have a presence on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram then you’ll automatically get peer recommendations instantly when someone will like your page, tags your brand username, mentions your Twitter handle etc.

When someone takes any such strides then their connections get a notification that serves as a free advertisement for your business as it helps your brand to get massive exposure with a perceived confirmation of approval.

Present yourself effectively in front of the target audience

Through social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, etc., businesses can directly represent themselves in front of millions of users. And, among them all, there definitely remains a huge section of people who are pretty much likely to have a great interest in the kind of products that they sell or the services which they offer. So, if you opt for this strategy then you can certainly generate a lot of traffic to your website, fans to your Facebook page and so on.

How SEO rules over Social Media?

Well, social media marketing and SEO are the two ends of a spectrum. Here are the reasons why SEO can be chosen over social media?

You get an idea of your customer’s needs

When it’s about search engine then the exact numbers couldn’t be found. But, you will certainly possess handy tools to find out what number of people are interested in your business. For example, you can consider SEMrush.

You might not find that the keyword ‘web design’ is getting an exact search of thirty-three thousand per day but you will definitely come to know that ‘web design’ is much more popular over ‘website design’ which comes within the range of only twenty-seven thousand of daily searches.

People trust ‘search’ while looking for businesses

It is quite a common concept that whenever we look for something starting from every possible smallest thing to the huge ones then we inquiry on Google, Bing, etc.

It has been reported that almost 61% of people use a search engine to conduct research before purchasing anything. And, if you want to sustain your visibility on search engines then you must launch each of your online marketing strategy keeping customer trust in mind.

You can buy your path into search results

If you can’t climb the ascending graph of organic search results then you can even buy your way into the sponsored link section of Google. For example, GoogleAdWords is one such astounding online advertising service in which you can pay to display a short advertisement copy, video content, etc. within the Google ad network in front of the web users.

Well, of course, organic search results would definitely get you more traffic but having any presence on the first page of search results is certainly better than no presence at all. Right?

Make Your Move

So, SEO and social media both are exceedingly supreme ends of digital marketing. Each one of them has its own perks. It’s just that you need to understand the priorities of your business and opt for these digital marketing strategies accordingly from time to time. And, thus you will definitely see the fastest rate of advancement in your business very soon.

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Neil Helson is the marketing manager at Blurbpoint Media, SEO, and digital marketing company. He is passionate about helping small businesses and startups grow online.

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