Thursday, July 18

5 Ways to Improve your SEO That Don’t Require Content

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One of the most savvy ways to build your organic traffic levels is to develop a relationship with professional link building agencies who are tuned in to how to improve your SEO.

It is also well worth remembering that there are other meaningful ways to boost your SEO without the need for new content.

A holistic approach that covers all angles is most likely to deliver the best results.

Here is a look at some of the ways you can improve your SEO without any requirement for content.

Freshen up existing content

You should carry out a regular content audit to see how traffic numbers are holding up with specific content.

If you notice that traffic numbers are decreasing, a good approach would be to freshen the content up so that it attracts more interest again.

There are lots of useful analytical tools that can run an audit and tell you which articles to update. Giving this content a new lease of life should improve traffic numbers.

Pay attention to so-called “content gaps”

Another useful approach to consider would be to aim to fill any perceived content gaps within your existing content.

What this means is analyzing keywords and seeing if you can add or cover any subtopics so that you end up ranking higher thanks to a few simple tweaks.

Use internal links to give important pages a boost

Internal links are when you create a link between pages within the same domain.

Deploying the use of these links strategically can have a positive influence when it comes to your search engine performance.

The reason for this is primarily because these links assist the flow of PageRank around your site. As this is known to be a Google ranking factor, it makes sense to target this aspect of your site setup.

Make time to fix broken backlinks

Broken backlinks tend to occur when you delete or move a page that has backlinks, or an external site has not created the link correctly.

You are losing potential traffic with these broken backlinks. Make the time in your regular maintenance schedule to identify and fix them.

Don’t miss out on potential long-tail traffic

A simple way of addressing this issue would be to include FAQ sections within your site.

Basically, when you don’t answer questions raised in your post you could be losing access to some useful long-tail traffic.

The best approach is often to create a FAQs section at the end of the article. This looks more natural than trying to interrupt the flow of your content with interspersed answers.

By answering a series of common questions on a topic you get the chance to rank on Google. This allows more people to find you when they are searching for an answer.

As you can see, there are lots of simple tricks and tactics that allow you to improve your SEO without adding new content.

Are you making the most of these low-hanging fruits of opportunity to boost your SEO ranking?

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