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10 Local SEO Tips to Improve Your Real Estate Websites

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With so many realtors going online with their real estate businesses, competition in the online market is inevitable. This poses a threat to your real estate website as people have more and more options to choose from. It is likely that your website may not even cross their sight while they surf the internet for real estate properties. 

In such a scenario, one wonders how they can increase the visibility of their website for local clients and make it to the top of their search engine results. 

SEO Tips to Improve Your Real Estate Website

1. Seek Professional Help 

An SEO firm will assist you in achieving your objective more quickly and ensure that your website ranks among the top results on search engines. The committed team at is available to help you with your SEO needs and guarantees successful outcomes for your website’s search engine ranking. They have a wealth of real estate SEO knowledge and operate with a data-driven approach that warrants positive results. 

2. Conduct an SEO Audit 

Discovering your website’s shortcomings is the first step in making it better. An SEO audit, therefore, is a very important step that provides you with an extensive evaluation of your website’s ranking and notifies you about the areas where there is room for improvement. 

It helps you assess how your website is performing, identify technical problems associated with SEO, structural issues in the webpage, content clefts, places where your contemporaries are doing better than you, etc. Moreover, it also assists you with strategies to enhance user experience. Therefore, it is imperative to put the audit’s recommendations into action if you want to see an increase in website traffic. 

3. Improve Search Results 

Focus on the following to improve search results:

  • Keywords: Use relevant keywords and reiterate them several times across the page. Include more long-tail keywords in your content as they face less competition in the search engine than singular keywords.
  • Meta Descriptions: In the search results, a meta description summarises the information on your page. The secret to enhancing your website’s traffic and search engine ranking is a strong meta tag.
  • URLs: Use simple, SEO-friendly URLs. Add relevant keywords to accomplish that, and make sure your URL doesn’t contain spaces in between or other characters. 

4. Set up a Profile on Google My Business 

Local SEO heavily relies on local citations. As a result, you should add your website to as many directories as you can, but make sure that the content on it is the same everywhere. Google My Business is one such place where you can make an account for free and share links, pictures, reviews, and content related to your real estate website. You can also pin your location on google maps using this platform. By creating a profile on Google My Business or other such directories, you will enable consumers searching for real estate to easily locate and talk to you. 

5. Start Blogging 

Blogging is one of the most effective ways by which you can engage traffic coming to your website and provide them with interesting content to keep looking forward to. Make sure your blogs include a wide range of other real estate-related topics in addition to those that are relevant to your website.

The material that you write ought to be original, including lots of inbound and outbound links, and stuffed with relevant keywords to secure a good ranking on the search engine. Additionally, you can write a guest post for another website, adding backlinks that point readers to your own page. 

6. Make Use of Social Media 

This is an indirect way to boost your ranking in search engines. Social media marketing will increase your online visibility and help more people find out about your real estate business. By curating a profile on websites like Instagram and Facebook and posting pictures and content related to your work, you can attract potential customers. Links to your website can also be found on your social media pages, which will help drive more visitors to it.

Social media

7. Keep a Mobile-Friendly Interface 

Websites need to be optimized for mobile use since Google gives more weight to mobile versions than desktop versions when determining rankings. The problems that arise on mobile devices can be found with the help of Google’s Mobile-friendly Test Tool. Make the necessary adjustments to the report so that your website is mobile-friendly.

8. Increase Your Website’s Speed 

The speed at which your page loads influences your Google ranking. Since real estate websites contain huge chunks of media, they can slow down as a result. You can take advantage of the PageSpeed Insights Tool on Google to help you pinpoint the issues causing the website to lag and the places where these issues exist. 

9, Make Use of Schema Markup 

Let’s consider that the real estate webpage you have offers details about opening hours, rent policies, property locations, etc. Employing schema markup will help contextualize all this information and subsequently display it in a manner that gives users an in-depth detail about these particular categories. 

Schema markup enhances the user’s experience with the website and improves the click-through rate (CTR) on it. 

 10. Grab Featured Snippets

Google derives featured snippets from the search result listings. It is the automated process that decides which website would make a good featured snippet to emphasize for a particular search query.  

In order to increase your chances of grabbing a featured snippet, you can employ the following strategies:

  • Identify queries that pose questions, then respond to each one briefly. 
  • Make sure your page is properly organized with appropriate headings and paragraph tags. 
  • Make use of relevant long-tail keywords in your content.
  • Keep track of the keyword performances of those websites that have already received the featured snippet.

Hopefully, the above list of helpful local SEO pointers will enable you to take the top spots in search engine results.

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