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Roulette: In-house or Online?

A roulette with black and red numbers.

With the rise of the technological age, more and more of our day-to-day activities are shifting toward digitalization. Gambling and betting are no exceptions and there are dozens of apps, sites, and other channels to play and stake money on online. If you’re unfamiliar with playing roulette either digitally or in person, it’s worth considering which form of playing would suit you best: don’t worry – we’ve got you covered.

The Trend

Nowadays, we are seeing a rise in the number of roulette players that are gradually shifting toward a preference for digital gambling versus the in-house alternative. This trend is particularly prevalent amongst the younger demographic of gamblers, a lot of whom are almost exclusively choosing to play online as opposed to making the trek to their local casino. So, what’s the basis that underlies this newfound trend?

The Benefits of Online Roulette

One of the main differences between the two modes of roulette is that online roulette at Paddy Power and other such providers have no dealer. Thus, the outcome of the game is decided by a RNG (random number generator). While this may not be an obvious benefit nor disadvantage, it is certainly a key difference that influences a lot of players’ decisions.

This mode is completely objective and leaves no room for human error or bias, which some see as a plus. Players can log on to play online roulette wherever they are in the world, with whomever they find themselves with, as long as they can get some sort of online access. The ease of gameplay is an obvious advantage, then.

Similarly, the interconnectivity that this format allows is unprecedented; gameplay requires no physical space and therefore the number of players is essentially unlimited, connecting players from all around the world in a single game.

The option to play without real financial commitment is a real winner with beginners of the game. You can learn the ropes of the gameplay without having to continuously lose money on the journey of your learning curve. Once you feel ready, you can then begin to wager money in a casino.

Live Roulette

Predating its digital successor, the old-fashioned method of playing the game is far from dying out, despite a rise in digital gameplay. With a human dealer and other players in the vicinity, live roulette’s ability to build tension and the facilitation of face-to-face competition is some feat and for some is its appeal. It’s the same reason some people love to watch a thriller.

It is based around a widely used concept known as live streaming. In fact, as you probably already consume all your TV and films via this method, you’re probably not so unfamiliar with it!

Final thoughts

To conclude, then, it is always a safe bet (pun fully intended) to find your feet in an online casino first where you don’t have to stake real money. Once you feel confident in your roulette-playing ability, feel free to jump straight into the atmosphere of a casino establishment!

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