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How Online Casinos Try to Stand Out from the Competition

Online Casinos

As you probably already know, one of the fundamental goals of marketing is to distinguish yourself from the competition. It is essential to be able to communicate your value proposition in a way that is compelling and can convince your target audience that you can offer something your rivals cannot.

This principle has been the basis behind all manner of successful marketing campaigns.

One industry that has a lot to teach us in this respect is the growing online casino industry. This is a highly competitive digital-only sector with many platforms fighting for one audience. Let’s see how some casino platforms try to stand out from their competitors to win customers. 

Novel product offerings

One tactic we have noticed is online casinos creating new and novel games to court customers that might be looking for something different. A stellar case study here is the Slingo bingo games at Paddy Power, which merge digital slots with classic online bingo to create a new and novel iGaming product. For players that might want to try something new over slots or video poker titles, creating a fresh game format can be a very effective way to engage them. 


In an increasingly heated online casino market, some platforms turn to giveaways bonanzas in the race to court new customers. Of course, giveaway marketing is nothing new, but the ways in which some casinos approach this are very insightful. Some casinos will offer “matched deposits” where they promise to double the amount of money that a player deposits in their account as a reward for signing up with them. This kind of approach could work well across many other online industries.

Payment infrastructure

Standing out from the competition requires a very strong knowledge of what it is that your customers want. It’s clear that some casino platforms have done their research here and have found out that quick, secure payment methods are something that players seem to value the most. We are seeing many casinos loudly advertising their huge range of payment methods that are accepted, with PayPal, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Skrill appearing to be the most popular. Some casinos are also pushing out the message that their withdrawal times are the fastest, with some working to get withdrawals processed in two hours or less. 


Abundance marketing is a tried-and-tested technique across all industries. Whether it’s what they actually want or not, customers respond well to being offered as much choice as possible. With online casinos, this method seems to be something of a marketing cornerstone. Platforms will acquire hundreds or even thousands of different slots and table games on their sites, advertising that they have the largest selection and the widest range of themes and game variants. This tells us that casino players like to try new things as often as possible, and will gravitate to the brands that allow them to do this the most. 

For any ambitious marketer, online casinos have a surprising amount to teach us. Consider how these tactics can be incorporated into your next campaign. 

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