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How Do Online Casino VIP Programs Work?

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Rewarding its most loyal players is a common way for gambling sites to encourage their players to return and play more. In some cases, loyalty programs and VIP clubs may turn out to be extremely beneficial, so it is important to keep them in mind while playing. Today, we will review all the important aspects of Nomini online casino VIP programs starting with the rewards you may receive and ending with explaining how to progress through them.

The Basics

First things first, it is important to understand that the loyalty programs of each online casino are unique. Sometimes they are called VIP clubs, while the other sites stick to the classic name of loyalty programs. The rewards also vary a lot, so make sure to specify them at your own casino, as we will only cover the general aspects today.

Every VIP club is designed to reward the casino’s most loyal players. In most cases, the programs are layered, meaning you will unlock various benefits over time by progressing through the program. The progress is almost always linked to your real money wagers, but we will elaborate on it in one of the following sections.

Two Types of Programs

In general, there are two types of loyalty programs. The naming might be confusing, as many casinos have VIP clubs that essentially work like loyalty programs. Nevertheless, it is easy to distinguish layered programs from VIP clubs. Clubs are usually invitation-only and are designed for the most loyal players.

With clubs, you will need to show an outstanding level of performance to get invited, but the rewards will be correspondingly generous. With loyalty programs, you can just steadily progress through them, which makes the results predictable.

The Rewards

As we have already mentioned, the rewards vary a lot among different gambling websites. The common rule is that the rewards for the highest levels are the best, but reaching them is correspondingly hard. The list of prizes may include both instant gifts and unlockable features. Most common types of instant prizes are free spins and cash rewards that are immediately sent out to your account.

As for the unlockable features, they are unique to each online casino. On different gambling websites, you may find VIP-exclusive promotions, increased withdrawal limits, faster transactions, personal account managers, invitations to offline events, VIP cashback offers, faster withdrawals, and many other features.

How to Progress

With layered programs, the rules are pretty much the same at almost every online casino. To reach new levels or tiers, you will need to earn loyalty points. The points are earned by making real money wagers. The higher the bet, the more points you get. The rules are usually very specific, making it easy to predict how many points you are going to earn.

It is worth mentioning that the progress is almost never related to your winnings or the sum of funds on your balance. You just get points for making every eligible bet with no regard to the result. Thus, you may place a hundred bets, end up having the same balance you had initially, but still earn some loyalty points on the way.

Therefore, it is more beneficial to place many smaller wagers, as you will win regularly and your total wagered sum will be higher. However, you should always check the minimum eligible bet to earn points. In most cases, it is a bit higher than the minimum bet accepted in slots, so you will need to bet a bit more to earn points.

Another rule you should discover beforehand relates to contribution rates. For different games, the rates may vary. It especially relates to table games, as they usually grant less loyalty points than slots.

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