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3 Unique Examples of Loyalty Program for Vape Shops

The industry of vaporizers and electronic cigarettes is rapidly getting higher. The electronic cigarette turns out to be an extremely competitive business, most particularly online. According to Forbes, eCigs will surpass traditional smoking when it comes to sales by the year 2047. 

Due to the popularity of eCig, there are a lot of people who put up the vape and eCig stores both offline and online. But, this excitement has led to many traders trying to secure a piece of the USD2.85b market. In an attempt to combat this rising competition, a lot of retailers online have started to present reward programs to motivate brand loyalty. Below are some of the great loyalty reward programs available.

Glue Loyalty program for Vape Shops

First-time vape buyers or lifelong smokers, Glue’s personalized members club lets you store and manage your customers’ info and communicate with them anywhere they may be, so you’re always on their minds, like a good habit.

blu Cigs’ blu Nation Rewards

This is a remarkable example of a loyalty program as it allows members to gain points in so many ways. Members or customers can accumulate points when they make a purchase. They can also earn points for completing other lucrative actions. 

For instance, the website motivates users to spread out the marketing reach of blu Cigs by rewarding them for sharing products and services on Instagram, Facebook, and other social media sites. This helps build a client’s familiarity with the company and takes customers a step closer to becoming an advocate of the brand. 

This is a good example of reward as they reward for site interaction and social sharing. This allows the brand to reach a network of clients while getting them familiar with the website or brand. 

eCigWizard’s Wizpoints

This brand offers two kinds of loyalty reward programs; one that gives customers a purchase, product reviews, social sharing, and another program for customer referrals. 

The first loyalty program concentrates on gratifying lucrative actions and is a fantastic example of a loyalty program. eCigWizards give rewards to customers for each 1 pound they spend and allow them to redeem points. 

Customers are also rewarded for social sharing and for opening an account on the website. This makes sure the brand can remarket to customers afterward with an email campaign and expand their marketing reach. 

The second loyalty program is dedicated to customer referrals. Existing customers will get a reward each time they refer friends or loved ones to this brand and make a purchase. This is considered a fantastic loyalty program as customers earn amazing rewards and the company gains from an additional customer. 

Litejoy’s Litejoy Rewards

Litejoy is also regarded as a good loyalty program example. This concentrates on customer reviews. This program provides points for signing up or registering for the newsletter. 

Reviews are considered a good technique to market businesses. A brand with amazing reviews surely gets the attention of customers. This loyalty program is what makes this brand apart from the rest. In this competitive business, it’s vital to show possible clients how your existing customers adore your products.


This loyalty program rewards customers for many different actions like making an account, social sharing, and doing product reviews. This also rewards users for sharing pages on any social media site. Rewarding for customer referrals is what makes VapeHappy rewards very popular. 

When you refer friends, you will be given a reward of 500 points. This is a big incentive for current users or customers. In a business that is still making a name, this kind of reward allows a brand to leverage their users and customers for further business in the coming years, keeping them on top of the competitors. 

Smoking Vapor’s SV Club Points

Even if this loyalty program has ended, it was still considered a remarkable marketing technique to leverage and grow loyalty and relationship to a customer in this very competitive business. 

Smoking Vapor, or SV for short, is a good example of a loyalty program in the past that features a tiered program. While this rewards customers for doing various actions, we will concentrate on the tiered program. 

The tiered program offers various kinds of rewards to various groups of individuals. You are able to set an entry that customers need to pass to become eligible for the next program. In Smoking Vapor, that entry is measured in many dollars spent. 

Members move from the Club to Silver at USD500 and move from Silver to Black at USD 1 000 in procurements. There are lots of benefits to upgrading these programs. These tiered programs are remarkable due to the fact that they encourage and inspire customers to do the steps of moving to the higher tier. Customers will want to give out more to qualify for the next program. This element or approach increases program engagement. 

South Beach Smoke’s SOBE Rewards

This is also a good loyalty program in which customers are given rewards in so many ways. However, it is far different from other rewards. One difference is the birthday rewards they offer. You enter your birthday to verify your age, and this site will utilize the details to send a gift on your very special day. Usually, they send 20 points that you can redeem on their stores. 

What is more, they are given points for subscribing to their home delivery service. They deliver cartridges to online customers at a pre-scheduled rate like weekly, monthly as well as bi-monthly. Customers can change order rates if they way and keep on reaping the perks of reward points for every purchase. 

This service reward makes this brand an exceptional and reliable example of a loyalty program in the industry of eCig. The brand is also part of a bigger network of websites that all provide reward points. It is advisable to check the websites at the international vapor group. 

Loyalty Programs in the Industry of Vapes and Electronic Cigarette 

The examples of loyalty programs mentioned above are intended to give you some guidance on how to boost business retention and attract more customers. Even if there are many examples of rewards and loyalty programs available, most things are in common. But, one thing is for sure, you will be benefited from these programs in the long run.

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