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Reasons Why Direct Mail Marketing is Still Relevant

Some people see direct mail as outdated, but you should know that the marketing method remains relevant in this time and age. Several businesses still use direct mail as a marketing strategy since it has numerous benefits.

It’s also sad to note how some businessmen fail to use direct mail since they are preoccupied with the recent advancements in digital advertisements. Old will forever remain gold, and the truth is that direct mail can attract you more clients and revenue than the digital marketing methods. Most consumers consider direct mail to be more appealing compared to other marketing strategies. Still not convinced? Here are reasons to convince you why direct mail marketing still has potential in your business.

The Strategy is More Personal

In the current digital era, most businesses are struggling to attract new customers using digital marketing strategies. It’s important to note that most of the digital marketing techniques lack a personal touch. With direct mail, one can send mails using customization and durable mailers, which shows that you appreciate your customers. Such personal mails make customers patronize the services you offer.

It’s Easier to Understand 

Most customers prefer direct mail compared to digital marketing since its easier to interpret. A recent study revealed that direct mails required 25% less cognitive effort when processing information. Reading mail requires less brainpower than digital adverts, and as such, customers prefer the marketing technique.

If the target audience finds it hard to understand the message you are passing, your marketing campaign would be considered a fail. Direct mails are easier to understand, and as such, the chances are high that you will meet your marketing objectives. 

It’s a Cost-Effective Strategy

It’s important to note that the response rate for direct mail is close to 5 %. On the other hand, the email marketing response rate is 0.1%. You can do the math and determine the most effective marketing campaign based on the response rate. In reality, direct mail cost per lead is lower than email, telemarketing, print advertisement, and pay per click marketing.

Also, generating direct mails is cheap, considering that the post-base franking machines are cheaper than computers and other digital marketing forms. Marketing experts from FP mailing often advise companies to review the best franking machine available on the market. Then, depending on your office size and the number of clients you intend to reach out to, get a suitable franking machine.

Better Audience Targeting

Digital marketing faces the challenge of reaching out to the target audience. When you target your customers using direct mail, you will realize how the strategy can be accurate and less intrusive. If you work with experienced marketers, they will help you establish the target audience using characteristics such as drive time, asset data, age, and the scope of the campaign. Digital marketing cannot replicate such accuracy; therefore, it can be considered to be less effective.

It Influences Customers Purchasing Power

Studies have shown that direct mail can influence your customers purchasing behavior. With direct mail marketing, you can target particular demographics and boost sales in the process. You can target people from all generations and convince them to buy a product or service.

Customers Tend to Appreciate the Effort

You will realize that direct mail marketing requires more effort when creating ads compared to digital marketing techniques. Customers often appreciate the work you put into coming up with personal messages, and as such, recipients will likely reply. Mails that have a presentation of your company will most likely impress your clients, and they will feel inclined to respond since you invested your resources in marketing your goods.

The Marketing Is Measurable

As a small business owner, you probably work on a limited marketing budget expecting a higher return on your investment. Direct mail marketing would be ideal for you since you get to hit the nail on the head without having to waste your resources on tactics that probably won’t work out. The marketing strategy can be measured provided that you monitor the number of emails you send, compared to those you receive as feedback. It’s easier to measure the return on investment compared to digital marketing techniques.

There is some misconception that direct mail is dead, but these reasons should convince you that it’s still relevant to your business.

Mail marketing has a higher return on investment, and studies have shown that they can be effective when used with digital marketing techniques. It’s easier to monitor your customer response, and you can target particular demographics with direct mail. Lastly, it’s important to note that direct mail is unique since it works differently from the popular digital marketing campaigns.

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