Friday, March 24

4 Ways to Make Text Marketing Work to Your Advantage

As the internet evolves, so does the ways that one looks to market and advertise their business and product. When digital marketing first started out, email was the main feature that was used. Millions of emails were sent out daily to people around the world, attempting to market their product and drive sales. People were unhappy with this, however, and email companies took notice. It wasn’t long before spam filters were created and many of these emails fell into junk piles never to be opened or read.

To combat this, marketers went back to the drawing board and thought of a new way to digitally market to a large consumer base. The resulting brainstorm resulted in text message or SMS marketing. The benefits of it were quite clear, text-based marketing was read much more than email-based marketing and it had a much higher success and response rate as well. It’s quite clear that text marketing is the way to go. So how can you make it work for your company? Here are four ways that you can use text marketing to your advantage and help increase sales.

Text Only Those Who Are Interested

People hate cold calls, especially when these calls occur on something private like their phone. The first step towards making text marketing work is that you are targeting people you know who are interested in what you are offering. Texting those who aren’t interested over and over can result in your company gaining a reputation for spamming people.

How can you ensure that you are texting interested people? Many different services and programs can help you with your work and reaching out to people. They provide many great features that can push your product over the edge. Along with this, they work to ensure that your text messages are sent out to a correct audience and that they will be viewed and received well. The first step to take advantage of text marketing is to ensure that you are building a consumer base out of interested people.

Tempt Your Consumers

In order to market well, you have to let your consumers know that they absolutely need your product and that it would greatly improve their life. If a person has to wonder how this product would be used, you have already lost a sale. It should be easily explained and should reach out to them.

Your consumer should constantly be thinking about how much better things would be if they had your product. If you are able to create this type of feeling for them, then you are much more likely to sell a product to them. Always ensure that you are tempting your consumers and letting them know how important it is that they have your product.

Communicate With Your Customers

Text marketing can also be used to establish a clear line of communication between you and your customers. Assuming you are texting those who are interested in your company, you know you can ask them exactly what they are looking for from you and ways that you can improve. By doing this, you are benefitting in two different ways.

First, you are making the customer feel valued. Whenever a customer feels important to a company, they are much more likely to purchase from them on a continuous basis. Secondly, you are getting feedback right from the source of how you can improve your product and company. By establishing this line of communication, you are guaranteeing that you will do well as a company while also improving your relations with your consumer base. 

Be Considerate With Your Texting Hours

The number one way to make someone hate your company is by sending them a text to them in the late hours of the night. No one wants to be woken up by a phone notification marketing to them. Instead, try to text within the work hours, or follow a simple 9 am-9 pm policy. Be aware of holidays as well along with time zones as these can play a factor as well. Make sure that you are texting your customers at the right time to take full advantage of text marketing.

With all of these tips, you should be able to create a solid text marketing strategy that can attract customers. Always be responsive to criticism and look to change up your texting strategies if you are not noticing any improvement. Be patient as well, as it can sometimes take months or even a year to show fruitful profits for everything that you have done. How do you plan on marketing to your consumers?

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