Tuesday, April 23

The Future of Video Advertising: What to Expect?

The future is here! We can conclude it almost every day, but after the global pandemics of 2020, the meaning of these words has changed. Now the future is here indeed, since we live in a radically new environment, where every layer has changed dramatically. Not all of these twists are obvious from the first sight, but we should track and get ready to embrace them.

So, how advertising will change in this new world? And namely, what is the future of video advertising? How should marketers communicate with their audience, regarding the new trends? We will discuss the latest trends and ways to deal them right now.

Video content is the king of 2021 

Considering the new habits of consumers emerged during the pandemics, video content is a new way to engage with them. Modern people got used to watching streaming services, online translations, and other types of entertaining content. Videos are memorable, interesting, creative, and interactive – customers like them. Following the preferences of their audience, many marketers have turned their steps towards video advertising and this was a right choice. The most profitable ad environments of the future are:

  • Vlogging 

Today, even basic smartphones provide high-quality video recording capacities. This means that you don’t have to buy expensive equipment and take a director course to start creating a vlog. To make your brands closer to the audience, you can always share regular videos about your manufacturing processes, office life, interviews with employees, product presentations, and more. No super-skills are needed in case you have a great message to share.

  • CTV

Also, the freshest video advertising trends include CTV ads. As CTV services gained incredible popularity during the quarantine, advertisers turned their attention to such platforms as TVP, where numerous creative opportunities are available. The advertising capacities include impressive audience reach, great personalization, and numerous interactive ad formats. 

  • Real-time streaming

Brands can benefit from livestreaming, which is a great opportunity to get people interested in their offers. While streaming is less efficient for expanding your audience, it is perfect to build stronger relationships with your existing clients. 

  • How-to videos 

A pitch of education can add incredible value to your promotional content. While combining advertising and informing is a real art, you can reach impressive results if you master it. 

What makes a video ad engaging? 

After you choose the right format and environment for your ads, make sure to make them maximally engaging. Here is how:

  • Hook your audience’s attention from the first seconds

The saddest thing for every advertiser is a skipped ad. To encourage the audience to watch your content, you should find the way to make them interested immediately. Highlight the pain point, ask an intriguing question, or share some fact that would spark curiosity.  

  • Keep it short

Video ads are great when they are short. As a rule, they appear before, within, or after the main content. If you choose one of the first options, remember that your audience is actually waiting for the video to start, so stay laconic and avoid making them annoyed.

  • Highlight your brand’s uniqueness

What makes your brand special? Tell your customers about the innovations, materials you use, or some unusual facts about your product. This will give them a reason to buy one.


To keep up with the upcoming future of digital video advertising, you should adapt the latest trends and start doing something you have never tried before. This would be uneasy, since the rapidly-developing world requires risks and fast responses to chops and changes. Try including the freshest formats and mediums like vlogging, real-time streaming, how-to videos, and CTV ads into your current campaign to add personalization, value, and creativity. Don’t be afraid to experiment and embrace the changes – they are always beautiful! 

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