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Telltale Signs Of An Ineffective Website Design

Website design

You create a new project or decided to redesign the old site and start looking for web-studios that would help you in this. How to find a good designer who will do all the work qualitatively and will please you with the result? Or how to understand that the web platform no longer functions properly and pulls your business to the bottom?

Interface development is better entrusted to professionals. On the sites of the companies, you will find a portfolio of works of designers, among which you will be able to choose the appropriate one. But how do you define good design?

Signs of bad web-design. 

The interface of the site – not just its beautiful design. This is a direct lever to manage sales, company image and attendance of the resource. Poor quality design will have a negative impact on the work. Is it worth the risk? 

Determine the poor quality of design that can be on the external signs and technical side. A competent designer will do the work correctly on all items. 

External signs of poor quality design. 

The site is inconvenient to use

Yes, it is directly related to web design. People are used to certain templates and are guided by them when using. Site menus and contacts should be located in the header, catalog of goods in the left pane and so on. Poor interface makes the main sections and functions of the page unreadable or invisible. The user cannot intuitively understand where to find the necessary information. The site should be functional – this is the main requirement. Before you decide to implement amazing innovations, think about whether it will be valued by the user? 

Not a unique design.

Appearance and filling are copied from another platform. Search engines track such resources and do not bring them to the first place of search. The interface does not correspond to the main topic of the company. This is the first thing you should pay attention to – the correct design of the resource should be a continuation of your activity and explain it. 

433Excessively colorful content.

Everything at once is a bad guide. Excess details, wrong color scheme, animations, bright images, banners, and buttons – this will push away the client. The most important information may not get into the sight of a person, which will entail a greater percentage of care from the site. Get rid of all the extra blocks, choose a suitable color scheme and observe the result. Simplicity is still in fashion, do not forget about it. 

Unreadable fonts.

The designer who is a creative person and immersed in the work, can forget that the resource is created primarily for the convenience of the client. The use of decorative or too small fonts will not be appreciated. It is necessary to choose the basic font and use it in all filling. If the number of styles of fonts exceeds five, they should be changed immediately. If you use a combination of two fonts in one phrase – they should be similar in style and harmonize with each other. 

The presence of useless elements.

As mentioned above, web design should be simple. Note what details attract attention, but are not functional? If there are such – you can safely get rid of them. A load of pages with such elements will have a negative impact on the speed of display. In this article, you can find out more, why the future of your business depends on the UX of your website.

Poor quality graphic content.

This applies to all images. They should be of the highest quality, without color noise. 

Incorrect display on different devices.

From the computer, the web resource looks presentable, but it is necessary to come from a mobile phone – filling of a site is displaced and becomes ridiculous. For this purpose, there is an adaptive design – page layouts are developed separately for each gadget, depending on the size of the screen and other characteristics. 

Does not pay attention to the logo.

This is your business card, it is thanks to the logo your company will become recognizable on other resources. Please note that it is not lost among other elements. Also by the logo, most people judge the company as a whole – trust its development to professionals, otherwise it can have a negative impact on the image of the company. 

Incorrect link design.

When you put the cursor on the link should appear underlining, when you go – to change the color. The link should have a visual difference from ordinary text.

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