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Online Marketing: Resources People Fail to Utilize

The use of digital channels to promote your product and services is essential in this digital era where almost all individuals connect to the internet to find what they need. Hence, individuals and entrepreneurs alike delve into online marketing strategies to reach their target audience and induce brand awareness. However, in doing so, there are numerous resources in online marketing that are underutilized. Leverage on this and be a step ahead of your competitors in your niche.

Research and Monitoring Tools

Market research should still be part of an effective online marketing strategy. However, online marketers often focus on the automation of the entire online marketing process such as how to reach a wider range of audiences. In this case, people fail to maximize the use of research and monitoring tools that can help them find great content ideas, collaborate with influencers, or monitor their competitor’s content. Thus, make sure to look for a tool that will allow you to be updated with the current trend in your niche. With an efficient research and monitoring tool, all you need to do is to enter a topic or a domain and results related to it will already come up. These results can help you then refine your online marketing strategy.

Workbook Tools

Most individuals and entrepreneurs utilize project management tools, and this is perfectly fine. However, it will be very beneficial if you use workbook tools that can help you create simple content with a significant impact such as a reference page. For instance, you can add credibility to your site or service when you create Wikipedia page because users trust the content of your reference material. A result of this is search engine targeting that makes your site appear on the top spot or search results related to the keywords in your niche.

Aside from the content creation stage, a complete workbook tool will be able to help you through the planning, distribution and optimization stages of your content. You can list each of the goals you intend to achieve in your workbook and set a specific time frame for the completion of your milestones. After this, you and your team members can collaborate to ensure that you are aligned towards a common goal. Overall, a workbook tool can help you think outside the box and look at the big picture, identifying the areas of your online marketing strategy that needs improvement.

Online Courses and Webinars

Online marketing strategies often focus on search engine optimization or SEO strategies. Aside from this, social media posting and advertisement are also heavily utilized in online marketing. Many have garnered benefits through these techniques, but few explore the possibility of promoting through online courses and webinars. People who are in search of answers to their dilemma often look for a comprehensive explanation or an immediate answer. This is where online courses and webinars can come in handy because an online course tends to provide specific details about how a product or a service can be used, while a webinar is a chance for you to address the concerns of your target market and provide clarity immediately. Once your potential customers know more about your product or service, there is a great possibility that they will be converted into paying clients.


Books are considered as a time-consuming resource option, which is why not many people use this resource. Nevertheless, books can be very helpful when it comes to covering topics in depth. If you are keen on increasing your knowledge and learnings when it comes to specific online marketing techniques such as SEO, it is best to refer to books written by reputable authors. Through these resources, you will be able to understand the full spectrum of the topic you are focused on such as SEO or the use of Adwords for instance. There are books intended for beginners, and there are also those written for more experienced online marketers. Choose one that is appropriate for your level and you will be able to appreciate the content accordingly.

To wrap it up, it is always best to take advantage of readily available online marketing resources. Keep in mind that while email automation tools, as well as social media management tools among others, are severely used, there are those that people fail to utilize. Look for resources that will give you an insight into online trends, as well as resources that will help you build simple content pieces that leave a great impact, such as your own Wiki page. Make sure to explore these tools and use them to gain an advantage over your competitors in the field.

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