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How Do Gambling Companies Use Social Media For Marketing?

How Do Gambling Companies Use Social Media For Marketing?

Social media is an immensely powerful tool for marketing across a variety of industries, yet organizations in each niche can leverage it in slightly different ways to achieve their promotional aims.

Here is a look at how gambling providers take advantage of social media platforms for marketing purposes and the unique strategies at their disposal.


Social media is the perfect forum for firms to build their brands by sharing content that establishes their voice and outlook to a wider audience. This can take various forms, depending on the brand in question.

For example, the team behind the Casumo casino site makes use of Twitter to carry out various branding exercises, showcasing the friendly, approachable personality that their brand is imbued with through custom imagery. The use of color is especially relevant here, with consistent purples and teals present throughout media posts helping to forge a strong visual fingerprint for the brand

Other gambling companies take different routes to the same endpoint, with branded content that can easily be seen and shared by followers, creating momentum for marketing efforts on a daily basis.

Announcing customer wins

This is a particularly effective tactic for gambling companies to use if they want to win people over to their services since social media can allow them to share the news of big wins that take place on their sites.

Of course, since the percentage of cash which is returned to players by online gambling services is fixed, specifically when it comes to slot machines, it is easy enough for providers to predict when this will happen and account for it accordingly in their marketing, or at least reliably know that a big win will occur fairly frequently.

Providing support

Today social media is often the first place used looking to get help will head with queries and complaints. This means that marketing and customer service go hand in hand since issues get aired in public and it pays for gambling companies to appear as responsive as possible to avoid a backlash.

Because users expect to be able to engage with the brands they rely on, no company can afford to ignore the impact of an active social media presence, especially in the online casino arena when there are so many rivals to compete against.

Celebrating seasonal tie-ins

Gambling companies are in a good position to make use of social media to market their sites and services around specific events over the course of the year. Whether these might be one-off events or consistent seasonal celebrations, there are ample opportunities to plot out campaigns and schedule them to hit at the most opportune moments.

This is made all the easier by the fact that most gambling sites have games that are themed around seasonally relevant topics, whether that might be Christmas, Halloween or the summer vacation period.

Being able to provide time-limited promotions and offers which do not just come out of the blue but are actually linked in with the zeitgeist is a real benefit to this industry in a social media context.

Controlling the narrative

Social media is not just a means of allowing customers to get in touch with brands directly; it also gives gambling companies the opportunity to actively seek out things that are being said about them and respond proactively. This can be to capitalize on a positive opportunity or fight fires in the light of negative coverage, which is something that brands in other industries have to do regularly as well.

While the rise of social media has taken some of the power away from brands when it comes to controlling the narrative, it is equally possible for them to manage public perception precisely if it is used correctly.

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