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An Exhaustive Guide to Link Building Campaign

Link Building is essentially a form of online marketing in which you try to increase the links to your website. Your clients and management have left you confused and annoyed with a vague ‘get more links’ order? Don’t worry, here we have compiled an exhaustive list of 10 goals for a sustainable link building campaign.

1. Tap into the relevant keyword portfolio

Once you have the rankings for a core set of relevant keywords, you must try to broaden the organic keyword portfolio. Your main aim is to spread out your targeted search audience and escalate the long-tail organic rankings.

A great way of achieving this would be to establish deep links to already existing pages using longer tail anchor text. You must link prospect sources to pages that rank well for your fresh target phrases. You must also design new content pages in which you can target long-tail keywords.

While sorting your link prospects, you must consider their relevance to search engines. Also, weigh their chances of converting to an actual link to your site and the amount of ‘link juice’ that page is capable of directing to yours.

2. Increase your targeted referral traffic

Link building is not always about the search engine rankings. Sometimes, it is also about generating targeted traffic from the linked site. This helps you in expanding your sales and leads, and also promotes brand awareness.

Key media including guest blog posts are an excellent way of promoting content to the online audiences. You must also tap into the conversations within social media comment threads.

Don’t forget to link the media sites which rank good for your keyword portfolio. You have to keep an eye for articles and blog posts that trigger the most relevant conversations. Also, look out for relevant comment threads, they will help you in joining or initiating conversations.

3. Keep the fluctuating rankings steady

Due to the constant demand for relevance by the search engines, fluctuations in rankings are a common concern. However, going after the right links may help you stabilize these fluctuations.

You must go for a one-off content creation strategy for distribution purposes. Also, creating backlinks to pages that go well with your phrases may prove to be helpful.

4. Enhance market awareness

Don’t forget that link building is more about PR than search rankings. You just need to create a market presence and let people know where they can find you. Keep them aware of your product or service launches and circulate the latest company news.

In order to achieve these goals, you must make use of media such as guest posts. Quality content on established web properties will give you an edge over your competitors. Invest your time in building these high-quality guest posts and mark your brand on the market. Take help from brands like ViralChilly to help you with this blogger outreach campaign. Active participation in conversations on influential media is also crucial for increasing brand awareness.  

5. The aim is to appear on the first page

Landing on the first page of the search results is important when 91.5% of all traffic is given to websites on the first page of a Google page. If you find a term that provides even a tiny bit upsurge in traffic, grab the opportunity.

The strategy remains the same- you need to create backlinks to pages that rank good for your set of target phrases. Also, active participation in social media conversations increases your chances of landing up on the first page.

6. Don’t fear the high-competition game

In order to achieve high valuable organic rankings, you may want to consider owning your brand name and the keywords which rank good for you. High rankings are necessities for many businesses and you may have to invest a bit to get there.

If you wish to keep your rankings up, you must focus on competitive phrases that result in high returns. Stress on link baiting and distribution that brings your targeted audience to your home page.

7. It only makes sense when it’s natural

When you have an unnatural backlink profile, you may have trouble in getting results organically. Hence, you must try to escape the potential link buying penalties. Maintaining a diverse link-profile may also prove beneficial in achieving long term rankings.

Search engines use link growth trends to keep a track of the websites that are trying to manipulate their organic results. The thing is that if your backlink profile grows extremely fast or extremely slow, you won’t be able to make it to the first page. Hence, it is important to moderate your link velocity from month to month.

8. Get your new pages indexed

If you can’t understand the need to get your pages indexed, look at this example: If ranking is winning, indexing is like showing up for the race.

To get your pages indexed, you need to have active participation in the conversations on your targeted dofollow media. You need to constantly search for relevant conversation threads and content submission opportunities.

9. Build your link count by X

At times certain market conditions require the rapid accumulation of inbound links. These links are essentially backlinks. They are links to your site from third parties.

Again, you need to have an enthusiastic engagement in your targeted media. Keep an eye open for relevant conversation threads and article submission opportunities.

10. Pay attention to your geo-specific rankings

It may happen that your set of target phrases help you rank good in New York, but may not prove helpful in other places. Keep in mind that ranking well in one region opens the opportunity to rank well in others as well. 

If you wish to improve your geo-specific rankings, you must establish links from sites associated with your targeted region. Another way of improving geo-specific rankings is to include more keywords in your keyword profile.

Look for local blogs and news sites that allow you to drop your views in the comment section. Search for them via keywords and ideas that can help you to improve your rankings.

SEO statistics

  • 4 out of 5 users use search engines to find local information.
  • 70% of users say call buttons and directions in ads are important.
  • 50% of consumers who searched using their mobile phones visit a store within 24 hrs.
  • 91% of marketers say that reviews impact local ranking.
  • 62% of marketers lack confidence in the availability of good local SEO training resources
  • 150% – The increase in “near me” searches.

(Statistics via

The next time your manager or client asks you to get more links, you don’t have to feel lost or panicked. These points will surely help you craft your strategies and build an efficient link building campaign!

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