Thursday, December 7

Corona Virus – a Problem or an Opportunity for Online Marketing?

The world is in complete disarray. Flights have been canceled, whole countries have been shut down, social distancing has become mandatory, and businesses are being hit with changes to consumer behavior across the world. While Covid-19 is still sweeping across the globe at an increasing rate, so too is a wave of fear and uncertainty in the time of this new pandemic. While the global financial systems have seen a massive hit and a decline in stocks everywhere, while the transport systems have taken a massive hit, and the entertainment companies and related associations are shut down temporarily, a rise in online sales has formed. 

While it may seem like nobody is interested in online travel options in this time of global crisis, you might be surprised to know that online marketing opportunities are still extremely effective within the current climate. Depending on your location, there is the opportunity to promote your goods and services to those within your country or specific area.

For example, whilst international flights may be declining, Australians may instead opt to travel around Australia in order to satisfy their travel needs whilst boosting our own economy. Furthermore, instead of relying on cheap products from China via online stores, there is a real opportunity to market local or Australian-made products that are safe, easy to ship, and once again, promote the Australian economy. 

Regardless of your product or service, you should be adapting your marketing style to best suit the current global climate. By utilizing SEO marketing – that is search engine optimization, the process of naturally increasing the visibility of a website and thus increasing website traffic – you could be one step closer to using the Corona Virus outbreak as an opportunity for online marketing. In a time where social distancing is recommended, and cashless payments are being recommended by the World Health Organisation as a means to limit the transfer of microorganisms via cash handling, online traffic is going to rise, and it already has. We are likely going to experience an upturn in online sales as people avoid largely populated areas such as supermarkets and shopping centers, so by utilizing SEO marketing, you can be at the forefront of search engines. 

While in this time of panic, a great deal of organic searches will leave you bombarded with Covid-19 stories, this does not mean it is time to quit your marketing strategies.

This simply means you should shift your focus to more achievable goals and be ready for the Corona Virus to lose its effect both physically and within the online world. SEO was created to focus on the long term prospects of marketing, so continue to focus on this goal. Do not promote short term advertisements that may not be achievable with the changing situation but use this as an opportunity for “get in early” travel sales, or “Australian made”, or whatever the case may be for your individual business. Be proactive and acknowledge the current crisis. Promote ways to help reduce the spread of the virus, or ways to help local communities. 

In a time of crisis, we should always make use of what is available to us. Each of these opportunities mentioned above can be achieved through effective SEO marketing created for your individual marketing needs.

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