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6 Reasons Why Video Marketing and Quality Presentation Matter Now

6 Reasons Why Video Marketing and Quality Presentation Matter Now

Video marketing is the form of interactive video presentations, content where difficult concepts are explained in easier terms, and other video formats provide new, interesting ways for companies to get more from their marketing plans

Here are six reasons why video marketing and presenting content well matters more than ever. 

1.Quality Video Presentation Separates Pros from Amateurs

In an age when many people are producing video content on their iPhones or Android devices and uploading it straight to YouTube with minimal editing, there’s still a profound difference between Pro and Amateur content online. 

For any brand to stand out, not only must they offer professional-quality video with consideration to video angles, audio and visual editing, and lighting, but it needs to be clear that it’s from a company. That is to say, it’s a marketing message and not a YouTuber who has bought some video equipment and taken an editing course to look semi-professional. 

Using a video production company to create worthy content that represents the brand perfectly is essential to stand head and shoulders above what’s already available online. 

2.Introduce the Brand to New People

Video marketing is an affordable way to get a company’s brand in front of a new audience.

For smaller companies that cannot afford national advertising campaigns, video is far more powerful than advertising alone. For just the cost of the production and bandwidth expenses, companies can provide useful content to viewers and start to influence their viewing habits while piquing their interest at the same time. 

Brand marketing doesn’t have to be too direct either. By offering useful how-to content under the company’s brand, viewers begin to associate (or re-associate) the brand as a knowledgeable, helpful one that looks to their customers’ needs first. This can create a valuable positive message when done consistently. 

3. Visual Mediums are More Impactful

Whilst the written word certainly still has its place, it depends on the platform, type of audience and what the company offers whether written copy beats video or other media for pure impact. The same can also be said for still photographs that only depict the product from a fixed angle in each shot. 

Depending on how a video is filmed, edited, and presented, a short 5-10-minute clip can connect with an individual customer’s emotions far better than a still image or an article can often do. It is up to the company to see how and where their products offer the most value to customers and to show that in video form. 

For instance, let’s say that there’s a company selling walkers for elderly people trying to stay mobile. A still product photograph of the metal-framed walker is a proven method for product promotion. However, seeing a senior walking using the walker is much more convincing than any product photo or sales presentation. 

4. Competition for the Customer is Fierce

Competitors are everywhere.

Even if you hit the market with a great new idea, doubtless there’ll be several other companies bringing out similar products within a few months. Such is the ease with which products can be swiftly designed, manufactured, and shipped from a distant factory. Companies rarely have much time to establish their product in the marketplace before the onslaught of powerful foes in the form of peers wanting their customers. 

Visual content humans

Video content that’s produced well can get a foothold to obtain and maintain a significant market share even as new entrants struggle to grab a piece. Also, with some competitors not having their act together on the marketing side, it becomes easier to beat them with professional marketing methods that include video content. 

5.Drive Video Viewers to Marketing Pages

Videos don’t have to stay just on the company’s website. They can be uploaded to YouTube, Vimeo, and other relevant sites to promote products or services, where appropriate. How-to or tutorial video content is also helpful to broaden the likeability of the brand and avoid looking too promotional.

Below the video, there’s usually a description section which is editable. Companies can place one or more links to their website, which will be seen by viewers. This encourages referral traffic to the product page or home page to get a newsletter opt-in. It can drive fresh traffic to the website and slightly lessens the reliance on Google and Bing for organic search traffic.

6.Showcase Products in their Best Light

On Amazon, buyers can now produce their own product photos and video reviews of a company’s product. 

For companies selling on any e-commerce platform, it’s always best to showcase products visually by using a creative studio, professional studio lighting, the best cameras and editors to create the final production video. Whilst this won’t stop consumers producing their own content, it allows other people to contrast the professional presentation from the amateur one, thus allowing prospective buyers to see the product in the best possible light. 

Incidentally, the video content doesn’t need to hype the product either. By presenting the advantages of using it and how it differs from other options, prospective customers will appreciate the honesty and transparency over hype marketing methods. 

Video marketing is clearly strong and growing stronger. As companies embrace the possibilities with the medium, they realize that getting ahead and staying in front of their peers relies on using more effective marketing methods than ever before. This includes ratcheting up the quality, so the brand looks respectable too.

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