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Why The Rich & Famous Move To Monaco!

Why the rich & famous move to Monaco

Monaco is a small city-state along the french Riviera. It holds the first rank of world’s richest countries by GDP per capita (with $132,571).This means that the people who live in Monaco are averagely the richest people in the world.

 The small country is among much known to be home for many rich and famous people. The world’s most expensive formula 1  driver Jenson Button, tennis player Novak Djokovic, Ringo Starr, Roger Moore and many, many more..
So what makes this city-state become a popular choice of residence among those people? The answers vary from many different perspectives.

Monaco´s event calendar is always packed with first class events such as the grand prix, shutting down the whole city and attracting tens and thousands of visitors each year. Monaco also holds many other popular events such as the annual yacht show and one of the best car shows in the world- Top Marques Monaco.


One of Monaco´s main focuses are safety. Monaco has more than 500 police officers. Considering there are only 37,000 people live in Monaco, this makes it the largest police forces and presences in the world. When you are wealthy with a safe full of gold, you would want that security in your country.

Monaco also has a great mediterranean climate that pleases Monaco´s inhabitants.

With the rich and wealthy moving there, you can expect them to also want first class real estate. Monaco has the world´s most expensive real estate per square meter so you can understand why only the rich gets a piece of it. Read more about the world´s most expensive places to buy real estate HERE!

Another major reason why the rich and famous moved to Monaco is due to their political stability. Under the lead of Prince Albert II and Minister Serge Telle. For over 700 years that the Grimaldi family has run Monaco, there have been no major political issues. This is the reason why many businessmen decides to bring their businesses there.

Offers zero income tax.

You read it right! Monaco offers its inhabitants zero income tax. This is also the most common reason why the rich and famous move to Monaco. Read more about Monaco´s zero income tax HERE!

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