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Three Ways to Find the Perfect Personal Loan

A perfect alternative to get money easily for a wide variety of uses is to consider a personal loan. If it’s a marriage ceremony, children’s college, a health emergency, leisure, or some other need, the personal loan remains the perfect alternative. 

It’s a widely available loan that helps you to fulfill your immediate needs. You could get the money easily in a short time, with little paperwork. You may pay back the lender over some time, usually a few months or years, in simple instalments.

Understand the requirements

Each lending institution has distinct requirements for its loan application process and approval. Same-day payday loans have simple requirements but for personal loans, some lenders will require that you be of a certain upper age limit and if you exceed that age, you get disqualified.

Other banks will require you to be of a specific nationality or be in a specific job group if you want them to consider your loan application. If you are self-employed, the lender may require that your business meets a specific annual net turnover. 

Before going to apply for a loan, you must first investigate and understand all these details if you want to find the perfect personal loan fit for you. 

Understand all the charges involved

The lending institution may have several fees that they will require you to pay either during the processing or during the repayment period. Some banks may charge a processing fee that you can be asked to pay upfront or spread within your instalments.

Some personal loan lenders ask for RTA insurance cover for your loan before processing. The purpose of this loan is to protect your loan in case of death or if you face disability during your loan term.

You must understand all charges involved because they impact the total repayment amount once your loan is processed.

Type of personal loan

Personal loans are different and each type of loan is customized to meet a certain need. Banks classify personal loans because each customer is unique and they present specific needs when they visit the financial institutions to request personal loans.

When you visit the lending institution, find out what type or types of personal loans they are offering and let them explain to you each package and what is contained in each. This knowledge will help you make an informed decision on which personal loan is the best fit for you. There are different types of personal loans offered by different lending institutions. 

Payday loans

Payday personal loans are loans that are tied to your pay which could be salary, freelance income, wages, retirement benefit payment or upkeep allowances. Payday loans have a short maturity of between a month to three months. 

You do not require collateral for your payday loan, a lot of paperwork, or guarantors. Beyond this, your loan is approved within hours or less and you can apply online or by visiting a payday lender near you. Click here to find the best rated lenders for fair credit loans.

Because of the ease of applying for a payday loan and limited paperwork, payday loans are considered the best and most favoured by people seeking personal loans.


Unsecured loans have no collateral. That means no item is attached to it as security like your house, car, or land. With an unsecured loan, your income acts as the collateral. In most cases, your salary is taken as loan security.

Unsecured loans offer loan amounts ranging from 1000 – 50,000 pounds and can at times go to 100,000 pounds if you have a higher credit score. The interest rate is between 5-36 percent again depending on your credit score. 


Secured personal loans are loans that are tied to collateral. That means, if you fail to pay as per the agreement contained in the loan forms, the lender can seize your collateral and sell it to recover their loan. The collateral could be your car, your house, your piece of land, or any other item that holds value.

Secured personal loans have lower interest rates as compared to unsecured personal loans. It’s offered by institutions like banks, unions, and online lenders. 


These are loans whose instalments remain constant throughout the loan term. During the loan processing time, the lending institution calculates the total amount of loan payable by the borrower. This amount shall include all fees, interest, and the loan amount borrowed.

The consolidated total is then divided into equal instalments spread throughout the loan term. Fixed-rate loans give the borrower certainty on the amount they should pay and the balance due. 


With variable-rate, the monthly instalments are not equal but keep changing from time to time. The reason why they keep fluctuating is that the pound keeps fluctuating against other global currencies. If the fluctuation goes up, your instalment goes up and vice versa.

Variable-rate personal loans are favorable to the borrower when the repayment period is shorter. If the term is longer, you could end up paying a lot of money.

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