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How Psychotherapy can Help Entrepreneurs Become more Productive

Entrepreneurs can get immense value by learning about and educating themselves in psychology.

Unfortunately, a minority of entrepreneurs actually take advantage of psychology in their careers, and unfortunately, this is a huge opportunity that is neglected as it has a large number of benefits for entrepreneurs that help them in many different areas. From productivity, wellbeing, interactions, negotiation, team-building, and much, much more!

The fact of the matter is that anxiety and other mental issues are some of the biggest killers of productivity ever. And if you want to become more productive, it is absolutely crucial that you get to the root of these problems first.

The goal of psychotherapy is to help a person understand their feelings and provide them with the tools necessary to face new challenges. This includes both solving current issues but also better equip them to manage stressful situations in the future.

The purpose of psychotherapy is to identify and address ”underlying causes of a person’s problems as well as how to solve them.”

This quote is actually rather interesting because, at its core, an entrepreneur’s goal whole job consists of solving problems. It is what entrepreneurs do every day, and it is what every single business idea ever is about. This does of course not only go for entrepreneurs but people who are looking to accomplish something as a whole, whether it is to perform well at a workplace or complete education with top grades.  But when talking about psychotherapy, we are talking about the person’s own problems and challenges, not the customer’s.

How does all of this tie together? Well, whether you are running your business or trying to accomplish something, there are many different obstacles that you may face. This can include everything from stress, burnout, and more.

Circling back to productivity, psychotherapy, as mentioned, helps tackle many of the obstacles and issues you may have that negatively affect your productivity. Whilst the goal of psychotherapy may not necessarily be directly focused on productivity, it is an indirect effect. When you get to the bottom of your problems which add stress and negatively affect your mental health, you have more energy and time to focus on what needs to be done, and thus become more productive.

1.Getting to the bottom of your problems

It all starts with getting to the bottom of your problems, or as defined by psychotherapy: ”eliminate or control troubling symptoms so a person can function better and can increase well-being and healing.”

The first step is becoming aware of the fact that various mental issues are the result of underlying causes, and only when you know what those are, you are able to resolve them, or at least improve upon them.

A psychologist is an expert in this area and will be able to help you, but if you don’t feel like doing this, or don’t feel mentally ready, a good place to start is by educating yourself within this area about things such as causes, issues, and roots of the issues. Whether it is stress, workload, or even deeper issues that are limiting your production, such as traumas. There are so many potential things, so the key is to dig deep and try to understand yourself. Naturally, seeking help from experts is the best way to do this.

2.Finding solutions 

Once you have identified the root of the cause of the things that are limiting your production, you, of course, need to find solutions. The fact of the matter is that simply coming to insight about the underlying problems such as traumas etc. is an important step that can have a huge impact on your mental health. When you are aware of them, you are no longer a ”slave”, in a sense.

Whether it is to talk about your issues, to seek professional help, or to adjust your way of life, only you know what works for you.

3.Improving mental health

As an entrepreneur, your mental health is everything. You need it to think, analyze, and much more. With that said, when you have a sharp and clear mind, that’s also when you can become more productive. And the way you do this is by removing noise and things that have a negative effect on your mental health. Whether it is a depression or anything else, circle back to step 1 and 2 in order to ultimately become at peace. Both in your mind and your soul. BetterHelp has additional in-depth information about this exact topic.

4.Helping you solve issues

Apart from mental issues, a psychotherapist may help you realize that you have a lot of unresolved issues that are causing your mind to be constantly occupied and distracted. Of course, when you have a ton of distractions all the time, it will not only consume a lot of energy but it will also affect your productivity.

By completing and solving unresolved issues, you’ll be able to filter away the distractions and be able to think clearly, and thus put full focus on what truly matters in order to become more productive. Being able to use 100% of your mind is key for any entrepreneur

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