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6 Certifications That Can Improve Your Career Prospects

A career is an important objective in life. Though some individuals can get away with not working at all or only taking part-time positions, most of us have to find stable, full-time jobs to cover all our expenses and bills while having enough left over to enjoy life. But finding the right career can be a challenge, especially if you are not sure what you want to do for the next ten years.

Learning new skills is a great way to discover interests while also leveraging that education to access better jobs. Certifications are proof that you have adequately learned a particular skill. Often, having those certifications makes it easier to find a job in that sector since employers will see that you invested in education and have the knowledge they are looking for.

To improve your career prospects, here are six common certifications that can make you a very appealing candidate for different types of employers.


Cardiopulmonary resuscitation is a valuable skill for any industry that involves healthcare or life-saving services. Obtaining certification to practice CPR can instantly make you more appealing for many jobs in the health and wellness industry, including nurses, caregivers, childcare professionals, firemen, construction workers, flight attendants, and more. You can also easily maintain your certification with CPR renewal classes online that are quite affordable, so you can keep advertising this skill to potential employers. 

Search Engine Optimization

Digital marketing is a growing industry as companies rely on advertising experts to grow brand awareness and build trust with customers. Having skill sets that are valuable to online brands in 2023 can make you an attractive candidate for those businesses and marketing firms. One important aspect of digital marketing is search engine optimization (SEO). A person with an SEO certification knows how to help businesses strengthen their online presence by earning more authority in search engines like Google. SEO is the process of improving a website’s page rankings on a search console, helping it obtain more organic traffic. This certification is in high demand.

Forklift Operator

Perhaps you are more interested in manual labor jobs. Physical products are a huge portion of the economy, which means the need for warehouses and product handling will always exist. Many businesses have to invest in the right forklift to handle the heavy products in their stores and warehouses. However, employees have to be certified to operate these forklifts because of the inherent dangers that come with heavy machinery and lifting heavy loads. For this reason, becoming forklift-certified could make you a very attractive candidate for warehouses, storage facilities, and companies that sell large/bulk products. 

Project Management

Project management is a huge industry and workers are in high demand. Professionals with this type of certification can plan, initiate, carry out, and close projects of varying capacities. It is a skill that almost all companies need at some level to conduct efficient operations. You can obtain an associate-level project management certification or a more professional one, both of which require courses and project lead experience to earn. 

Skilled Trades

Trades are a key segment of the American economy. The people who serve as electricians, plumbers, HVAC specialists, welders, carpenters, and other similar roles are responsible for taking care of the many machines and structures that we rely on every day. Learning one of these trades can nearly guarantee career stability since many of them are in high demand. There are multiple levels of expertise for skilled trades, from apprentice to journeyman, but you can get started with a basic certification to make yourself more marketable


Businesses rely on tracking a lot of data, especially numbers. Revenue, expenses, profits, taxes, and other numerical data points must be managed for brands to ensure that they are conducting business legally and keeping track of their budgets. For this reason, accounting professionals are very important in the business world. You can obtain accounting certifications such as a CPA or CFA to position yourself for great career opportunities with accounting firms or as an in-house accountant. 

Becoming Certified Demonstrates Ambition and Interest

While a certification may be a requirement for certain job descriptions, it also performs another function. It tells employers that you have invested in your education and are actively learning skills related to your desired positions. When hiring managers and recruiters see a history of pursuing certifications, they see job candidates who have ambition and a willingness to improve their skill sets. This characteristic is very appealing to businesses. Consider these six certifications depending on your professional interests or find others that can move you closer to landing the perfect career.

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