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Why You Should Get Instagram

Why you should get Instagram

There are loads of reasons why you should get Instagram, but at the same time, there are of course reasons that you should’nt get it.

However, in this article, we’ll be writing about why you should get Instagram.

If you are completely unfamiliar to one of the largest social media platforms, we recommend that you read these articles before we begin: How to get Instagram for iPad, 10 Tips to Instagram like a pro.

1. Inspiration

 Instagram is full of pages that are focused on different niches. Just find your favorite niches and get ready to be inspired like never before. If you don’t know which pages to follow, you can easily search for hashtags that align with your interests, for example #dogs #cats etc.

When you search for a keword related to your niche, you’ll be presented with tons of posts that have been made with that particular hashtag.

On the hashtag “horses”, we can see a bunch of other suggestions for horse-related hashtags and that the hashtag has been used over

Why You Should Get Instagram

Why You Should Get Instagram

2. Friends

Once you start to get a hold of Instagram, you´ll soon notice that there are a lot of pages and people who have the same interests as you.

It is easy to comment kind comments and start dialogues and interesting discussions with them.

There are also lots of people who make friends through social media, find jobs and maybe a new business partner. One thing that is certain is that if you want, it is all there for you to take part of.

3.Photo diary

Why You Should Get Instagram

If you aren’t a person who is writing the diary every day, Instagram might be perfect for you.

On Instagram, you can post exactly how much or how little you want to post.

Whichever you choose, Instagram can be like your photo diary that you can look back at in the future and remember all the things you’ve done.

5. Fame

Joining Instagram can open the door to new opportunities, especially if you succeed to grow your page big. You would’nt believe it if I told you how many that have actually succeeded on Instagram, gotten fame and can now live of their Instagram.

Instagram is a powerful tool for building a brand. More and more companies are getting on the Instagram bandwagon and this could be the way to get seen and hired (and make some money).

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How to get rich on Instagram 

6. A great marketing tool

If you run a business, then Instagram can be a perfect marketing tool. More and more companies are realizing the value of social media marketing and the more you wait, the more your competitors are growing. In the article how to increase sales through Instagram you´ll learn how you can use Instagram to increase your sales and in the article how social media helps in business sales, you can read about not only how Instagram can help you in business but also how social media in a larger picture can help in terms of sales.

7. Latest trends

Instagram is very (and I mean VERY) quick to pick up on new trends but also create trends. If you want to know about new trends and be able to keep up with them, there is not many social media platforms that are better for that exact purpose.

These were just some of many reasons to why you should get Instagram if you haven´t already. Don´t hesitate to comment below if you have any further questions. We´ll gladly answer them.

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