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Why Use Instagram When You can Use Facebook?

The question “Why Use Instagram When You can Use Facebook?” is asked by many but what is the real answer? That´s what we will be discussing in this article.

The original purpose of Instagram was to share what you shot on your mobile to the world, and this is still true even today. This is why Instagram is called a Social Photo Sharing app. The social part is there, but it’s really the photo sharing that is the most important for Instagram.

Facebook started as Social Networking website, the photo sharing part came later.


If you are satisfied with sharing your photos (or videos) in your Facebook circle, then you don’t really need Instagram But if your emphasis is to share your photography to the world in the most efficient way, Instagram is better than Facebook in this case.

Something to consider in terms of marketing for your business, is that there is no need to choose between one or another. You can choose both. Bot platforms fills their functions and can reach different audiences.

We recommend reading Tips to using Instagram for business and

How to use Facebook for business marketing in order to see how both of the platforms fills different yet essential functions for your social media marketing.

After reading those articles, you´ll hopefully get an answer to your question “Why Use Instagram When You can Use Facebook?” much quicker- and possibly realize

Facebook still reigns supreme when it comes to its user base with 1.71 Billion (yes, Billion) active users. They also report that the average US consumer spends 40 minutes per day there. Here are some key functions of Facebook whether for personal or business use:

  • Link sharing
  • Curated Content
  • Multiple ways to engage
  • In-depth bio and personal/company information
  • Events
  • Groups
  • Live video

Facebook aims to connect its user base through sharing. It is a multimedia social network with a lot of great information, but also a lot of noise.

What is Facebook great for?

  • Sharing your original content
  • Sharing others content
  • Using different media
  • Connecting with different demographics
  • Promotion of events and content
  • Advertising

Instagram logo


Instagram is all about capturing moments. Users interact with accounts in very different ways here than they do on Facebook. Some key differences:

  • Photo and short videos only
  • Focused on original content, not curation
  • Users want to see authentic content more so than on Facebook. Again, it’s about moments not looking up business information or doing research
  • Limited ways to interact with accounts, however, engagement tends to be much higher
  • It’s all about mobile


  • It’s not about inspirational quotes, memes or funny things like eCards
  • It’s not about games, or Kickstarter campaigns or trying to get people to donate to your kid’s school fundraiser
  • It’s about engagement and relationships
  • It’s all about the hashtags
  • It’s about being authentic and unique
  • It’s all about the absence of clutter

Thank you for reading “Why Use Instagram When You can Use Facebook?”. Hopefully, you´ve now gotten the answers you were looking for. If not, feel free to comment below and we’ll gladly answer your questions.

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