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How Can I Develop My Instagram Community?

How Can I Develop My Instagram Community?

You’ve developed your Instagram community, and many of your posts have become lively spots for discussion. Perhaps a post or two has even met with some controversy. When your community has become especially active, how will you moderate comments to protect your audience and brand reputation?

As an influencer, business owner, product developer etc. you should always look to improve and develop. This is why we have decided to write this article where we´ll give you some tips and answers to the questions to the question “How Can I Develop My Instagram Community?”.

By checking in on what your community is posting, you can also gain valuable consumer insight.

Below, you can find some of the most valuable tips on how you can develop your Instagram community:

Encourage your followers to interact with your content by giving them a call to action.

  1. Tell a story with your captions, and use hashtags.
  2. Let fans on your other platforms know your Instagram profile exists, and encourage them to follow! Inviting an influencer to take over the account for a day is a great way to introduce your brand to an already-established community, encouraging them to follow.
  3. Engage with everyone that engages with you, even if it’s negative.
  4. Video is a great medium for demoing new products or making new brand announcements, and you can use this as an exclusive platform for this content in order to generate buzz for your community.
  5. Post When Your Community is Active

In addition, A Larger Community Means More Responsibility. 

Instagram offers native comment moderation tools, including a feature to auto-block comments that include words you’ve blacklisted. The tool is useful, but requires work and maintenance on the user’s part: no one wants to spend time maintaining a list of profane or abusive language, and you may not even consider certain terms or phrases until they’ve already been posted.

There you go! These were some of the most important tips that tackled this question. As always-if you have any further questions, on´t hesitate to comment below!

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