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Most Engaging Questions to Ask On Instagram

Most Engaging Questions to Ask On Instagram

You can always see people writing “What do you think?” or “comment if I should do it” captions on Instagram. They do this in order to engage their followers and get more loyal such. But are the questions above really the ultimate ways to engage your Instagram audience? Continue reading this article where we write about the Most Engaging Questions to Ask On Instagram and you´ll soon find out.

Okay, so How can you effectively communicate on Instagram without annoying? The answer is ASK QUESTIONS!  Something that can be good to know is that there are different types of questions. First, there are questions  that can be answered in many ways. These are more effective to open up for conversations and not only a quick “YES” or “NO”. By simply asking the right type of questions instead of asking questions just to ask questions, you can increase the likes, comments, reposts and overall engagement on your page.

Then there is the “fill in the blanks”. By making a caption with a blank for your followers to fill in, you are making it seem like something is missing in your caption (which it is). By giving that feeling to your followers, you will most likely get lots of comment by people wanting to fill in the blank. Filling in blanks with just one word is also a time-efficient way to get to know your followers´ thoughts in just one word.

Some examples:

  • I think this selfie is ______
  • My favorite place to travel is _______
  • Justin Bieber´s new song is ________
  • I _____ the new Instagram update

“Either or” is another category of engaging questions to ask on Instagram. By giving your followers two options to choose from, you are increasing the chances of them commenting since the answers are already served. All they got to do is comment one of the options.

Some overall great questions to ask:

What is your biggest fear?

What is your ideal vacation in one sentence?

What was your favorite subject in school?

What do you think of sushi?


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