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Is Instagram Really Worth My Time?

Is Instagram Really Worth My Time?

This is a question that is asked widely across the net, so I thought I’d answer that question and give my take on it.

The answer to that question varies and depends on what purpose you are planning to use Instagram for.

For marketing, it may not be a bad idea but everything should begin with consideration of your target market. If your target audience are people aged 70 and up, then Instagram may not be for you – at least not for marketing purposes.

If you however are targeting people in the 20-50 age range, then it may be worth considering. If you are a person just looking for a fun photo and video sharing app without any catches, then Instagram might be for you as well!

Here are Instagram´s demographics:

How are big brands using Snapchat
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Instagram is full of inspirational photos and you can also find lots of new friends there. There is, however, a risk that you spend way to much time on there so be careful. As mentioned, depending on your target group if you run a business, Instagram might not be a bad idea, especially since it can help build your brand and sell more.

We have written lots of articles regarding business marketing on Instagram so feel free to read those and create an opinion yourself whether or not Instagram is worth your time.

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These articles will surely help you get a better understanding of Instagram and help you decide whether or not it is for you.


So, Is Instagram Really Worth My Time?

As with most things, it depends. If you run a company and are looking to increase awareness of your brand and increase sales, then Instagram surely will be worth your time, as long as you are aware of your targeted audience and if they are to be found on Instagram.

If you just are looking for a place to share your photos and get feedback on them, trying to become a famous singer or anything else, then you might find Instagram fun and useful as well!

Our recommendation is that you at least try to see what happens because you don’t know if you haven’t tried

Feel free to read more articles on where we teach you everything you need to know regarding how to set up your Instagram account.

As always, comment below if you have any further questions or thoughts.



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