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How to Improve Your Video Content to Skyrocket Traffic on Instagram?

How to Improve Your Video Content to Skyrocket Traffic on Instagram?

This is the era of the moving picture. Videos appeal to the senses way more than simple stills. Why is that? Because with a video, you can actually relive the captured experience, follow the creative perspectives, feel the emotional depth and hear stories of individuals living far and wide. All in a minimal amount of time. That is why people these days, undergoing a fast-paced lifestyle, naturally prefer watching and creating videos.

Coincidentally, just when this tendency started appearing on the horizon, social media giants seized it and launched super-sized platforms, like Instagram, Snapchat etc. to give people a chance to express themselves and connect with others. Especially Instagram, which is all that’s hyped about these days. Easy interface. Emotive-reactive options. Full of the goodness of life. The element of dynamicity inherent in the videos. 

So, how about you cash in on this rising trend too? It’s the smart move, after all. You’ve started a business campaign and need traffic to bring in profits? Make amazing, mind-blowing, irresistible videos and you’ll have views flowing in by the dozens. That’s what I can promise.

But creating an artsy video is not a simple task. It’s an art, indeed. If you’ve got no prior experience in capturing breathtaking videos, or haven’t had the chance to go through the technical details pertaining to photography, then you don’t need to worry. Because with the right guidance, you can supersede in the art of videography, in no time. 

The Right Idea

Before every content creation, comes the idea. It is the basis and the foundation on which the whole structure is built. Hence, coming up with an idea should be your first step. As you have already settled on using video as the medium of promoting yourself and your brand on Instagram, which is the hub of personalized stories, then start with introspection. There are loads of commonplace videos out there which nobody even cares about.

However, what will attract people towards you is originality and the uniqueness of your voice. What makes you different? What’s so special about you? What’s your essence? It is around these questions that you should frame the idea for your videos. 

The Right Audience

It is imperative that you delve deep into the psychology of the online users, exhibiting incredibly short attention spans, before going ahead with making your video. People have grievances they need solutions for or they’re just bored, and need to be sensually moved, and that is majorly why they surf the internet waves powered by their favorite Spectrum deals or some such provider packages. 

This is where you come in. 

Find the hubbubs of your Instagram audience and then play on that. If your brand is all about makeup, show refreshing video tutorials, and see how they hit the traffic charts in a short time. Everyone wants to look picture perfect after all, and if your videos help them achieve that, then you’re in luck. Make videos which are relatable, dealing with daily life and give them an aesthetic touch. 

The Right Tools

Time to get into the workshop. You have the right idea and the right audience in mind. Start working on the video then. Use your smartphone to capture real life shots or use graphics/illustrations to come up with an animated video, if that suits you better. Once the crude video is made, the next step is to edit it. And here lies the secret. Editing makes a plain banana look completely appetizing. A seaside view, something out of a fantasy. Tones down the natural blemishes and makes you look like you’re on a pin-up cover. This is its magic. By editing, I mean, you can do:

    Adjustments: Trim the video if you think it is too long. Make it short, make it snappy. Make it happening. Nobody has time for hour-long videos. For Instagram, a minute long video is more than enough. 

    Filters: Add effects to change the overall mood of the video. For example, use sunset filter to give the tropical feel, or black and white to give a vintage look to your video. Something that’s pleasing to the eye, as well as in consonance with the basic idea. 

    Motion: Stitch the sequences together in such a way that the transition is smooth and not jittery unless the idea is better conveyed with quicker movements. Rotate the angles. Set perspective. Play with focus. 

    Text: Words, if necessary, can be included for refining the meaning, and in different styles too.

The Right Optimizing

Once you’re done with your video, then it’s time to post it. Remember to research and inculcate the latest Instagram trends, like usage of hashtags, in your videos. Make them relatable AND relevant at the same time. Your timing also matters. Try to post at peak hours, so the content stays on top and before everyone’s eyes. Keep an eye out for audience’s response and for the behavior of Instagram’s bots to gain more follower count.

Create. Edit. Optimize. Recycle.

That’s how the videography game goes, which you can master with the above-mentioned steps. 

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