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How To Send Automated Direct Messages on Instagram

How To Send Automated Direct Messages on Instagram

Article updated February 2018

You might have received a Direct Message on Instagram when you´ve started to follow someone. These are usually automated since sending DM’s to every new follower can be a hassle and time-consuming.  Sending DM´s to new followers is a great way to welcome new followers and greet them in a unique way.

Sending automated Direct Messages on Instagram is a topic that is frequently discussed, and it is also a topic that sparks lots of opinions.

Bots on Instagram are strictly forbidden by Instagram, and Instagram Direct Message bots are a type of bot, even though they’re not as “rule-breaking” as Instagram spam-bots that are used to grow your following.

Since Instagram automation Direct Message bots are classified as bots, the ones that exist are often quickly taken down by Instagram.

In fact, Instagram sometimes buys the Instagram automated DM bots companies and then shut them down, because it is against their policies.

Or, they request the services to stop with their service, most often in exchange for some kind of payment by Instagram.

If you want to send automated Instagram Direct Messages, there are a few services you can use, but remember that they are shut down quickly, at a much faster rate than what is being created, and therefore, finding a tool that allows you to automate DMs on Instagram can be tricky.

There are several websites that can help you with this and below you can find some of the most popular ones:

HOLR.CO (Now shut down) is a great tool that sends automated messages on Instagram. This is probably the most popular automated messaging service for Instagram.

Holr allows you to:

-Set different types of messages to send.

– Send them to all your followers.

– Send them just to new followers.

– Keep track of the conversion rate of each account and message


Izood can also send automated messages on Instagram. However,  Izood also offers an Instagram bot, but these are not to be recommended.

Izood, also known as Instazood is a great tool if you want to send welcome Direct Messages automatically to welcome your new followers and make them more likely to continue following you.

Fanharvest (Now shut down)

You can also send auto messages to your followers (all or only new ones) using Fanharvest. Not only does the website it allow you to send automated DM´s but you can also schedule images and a lot more. You can send about 80–140 messages per day.

Be careful though! Automated DM´s can sometimes be understood as spammy and bot-like for the recipient and if the message is poorly written, then you can easily see that a bot has sent the message which can make the recipient ignore it. Instagram normally don´t like third-party apps or automated services so be careful when you are using them so you won´t get on their radar.

Hopefully, you’ve learned How To Send Automated Direct Messages on Instagram and can find it useful in your own social media strategy.

Good luck!


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