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How to Hide Someone on Instagram

How to Hide Someone on Instagram

If you didn’t know, you can hold your finger over an account when searching on Instagram, and click “hide”. This will cause the account to never appear on our suggested list, also you can not see their activity as you can with people you follow.

However this only works for those on your suggested list. Let´s get down to the question. How to Hide Someone on Instagram?

1. Privacy Setting

Setting your account to private limits your posts and full profile visibility to approved Instagram followers only. To achieve this, tap the “Instagram” app followed by its Profile tab on the lower right.

Next, tap the cogwheel in the top right corner ” and scroll down until you find “private account”

Now, people wishing to follow you would have to send you a follow request, which you can either approve or disregard.

2. Comments and Likes

Even as a private user, your comments or likes on a public user’s posts will display your name on her posts for anyone to tap and learn how many followers you have. So, to keep your Instagram visibility to a minimum, like or comment on private-user posts only.

Unfortunately, Instagram doesn’t give you a quick way to know which posts in your news feed have been publicly or privately shared. Either abstain from liking or commenting on posts altogether, or contact users to confirm their privacy settings before interacting with their posts.

How to Hide Someone on Instagram

3. Block Followers

As mentioned earlier, only approved followers can access your Instagram profile’s detailed information. If you have followers to whom you prefer to deny such in-depth access and information, remove them from your follower list.

To do so, tap the star-like Explore icon on the bottom-left half of the Instagram screen and type the undesired follower’s username in the Search box.

Alternatively, tap the “Profile” tab on the lower right, followed by your “Followers” tab, then scroll to find and select the follower’s name. Touch the curved-arrow icon on an iOS device or three-dot icon on an Android device, followed by “Block User.”

4. Social Media Broadcasts

When you or a follower shares one of your posts on another social media platform — such as Facebook or Twitter — you lose quite a bit of control over who can view your profile. The social media site publishes a link to the post, giving those who see it the option to view it on Instagram and tap or click your username to examine your Instagram profile.

If you’re a private user, Instagram will inform non-followers accordingly, but they will still see how many followers you have. To curtail this, avoid sharing your Instagram posts on other social media networks, and ask your Instagram followers do the same. Thank you for reading How to Hide Someone on Instagram?. We hope that you found it useful and that you can find

Alternatively, share your posts with only select followers via Instagram Direct, which renders the posts un-shareable on social media, as well as un-taggable and unsearchable. To share an uploaded and edited photo using Instagram Direct, tap “Direct” on the Share To screen, choose your recipients and then touch “Send.”

Thank you for reading How to Hide Someone on Instagram?. We hope that you found it useful and that you can find use for this tip.

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