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How To Get More Comments on Instagram

How To Get More Comments on Instagram

So you wish your Instagram posts would receive more comments up with comments? Then you’ve come to the right place.

In this article, we´ll be teaching you How To Get More Comments on Instagram.

Instagram comments are a fun way of connecting with your followers and making them more engaged in your work. Comments are basically one of the only two-ways to interact with your followers on a post.

Let´s get down to why comments on Instagram are good and why you would like more of them.

Comments are a great way to build a deeper relationship with your followers.

Comments helps you learn what your followers like and don´t so you can post more appreciated content.

More comments increase your chances of going viral

How to Get More Instagram Comments

  1. Hold Instagram contests
  2. Ask engaging questions
  3. Make a controversial statement
  4. Ask questions that your followers have different opinions on to create a debate
  5. Ask people to tag their friends that might like your post

Create “comment groups” in the DM section

Another thing you can do is to create comments group with people who are in a similar niche as you. The maximum amount of people you can be in a DM group on Instagram is 15. Once you have created a comment group with account in a similar niche as you, simply send your photo to the DM group so all the other people in the group can engage and comment on your photo as soon as possible.. This will not only gain you a better engagement with lots of new comments but also create a buzz around your posts that can help you gain more followers.

These were some of the tricks you can use to increase the amount of comments on your Instagram posts. Hopefully we have given you the answer to “How to get more comments on Instagram” you were hoping on. Please comment below if you have any further questions or if you found the article useful.


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