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How To Build A Good Instagram Presence

How To Build A Good Instagram Presence

Instagram, the photo-sharing app was launched in 2010 and owned by Facebook since 2012. With more than 500 million users,  the competition among pages and companies of the followers is big. Therefore, it is important that you know how to build a good Instagram presence to win the fight.

Here some ways you can optimize Instagram to gain a good Instagram presence.

  1. Add a website in your Instagram bio
  2. Use Clear Calls to Action in Post Captions
  3. Add Hashtags that are relevant

Take Good Photos 

This might seem pretty obvious-and it is! BUT. It is also the most important part when it comes to increasing your social media presence since that is what Instagram is all about. The most important is that your photos are  interesting, clear, and attention grabbing.

Use the correct photo color

How To Build A Good Instagram Presence

The color of your photos actually plays a more important role that you might think. A study regarding what captures people´s attention has shown that photos that used reddish tones were more popular than photos with a greenish tone. So think about what colors your pictures that you post on Instagram are.

Post Frequently

The consensus to publishing on Instagram is that you should post at least two times per day or more.

To get the most engagement, choose the times when your posts will see the highest amount of activity. Simply Measured offers a free Instagram tool that will provide you with a report identifying the best time and days to post, based on your account activity.

Schedule Posts

Instagram does not allow third parties to schedule posts directly to the platform, which means that you have to remember to post manually. Later, an Instagram scheduling and management app, will remind you to post on Instagram at the times you specify.

 Use Hashtags (& keep them relevant)

Using hashtags when you post can help increase the engagement on your posts but also result in more followers. Read more about why you should use hashtags  and also how to optimize your hashtags.

Remember to always use relevant hashtags swell, meaning that if you post a bird, you should use the hashtag #bird (for example) and not #television. The reason to this is that people who are scrolling through the hashtag trying to find good pictures of birds won´t most like be in the search of televisions. Remember to read the articles above if you are looking to learn more.

Use geo locations

Location pin

Always tag images with your location. This is yet another way for people to find your pictures and a great way to gain new followers.

Don´t write too complicated captions

Use captions that are easy to understand and read. If your captions are too long and written with a too complicated language, most people will probably not read it all.

Stay Active

This is VERY important. If you don´t post for a long time, people will think you have quit Instagram and unfollow you. Even if you post regularly once a month, you won´t attract that many followers because not many wants to follow a page that posts that little.

We hope these tips will help you learn how to build a good Instagram presence and create a solid social media page. As always, don´t forget to comment below if you have any further questions or found this article useful.

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