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How To Get Instagram Followers

How To Get Instagram Followers

Before we get into the do’s and don’ts, the first thing you need to know is that, no matter how many tactics you try, if your work is bad, your growth will reflect it. This article will contain the most common and effective tips and tricks on How To Get Instagram Followers.

1. Be critical of your own work at all times. This is perhaps the most important thing to remember in order to improve. Aways ask the questions :Is this what my audience wants? Is this of the quality to which I hold myself too? Am I settling for something that’s okay because I’m stagnating creatively? in everything you do. Only then, you can make sure you are only satisfying with the absolute best.

2. Post what you like, but also what your audience likes. Your opinion ultimately doesn’t matter, if your posting a cute puppy to your page and your branding is landscapes. This because basically comes down to personal ego. You may love puppies, but if your ultimate goal is to grow and gain exposure why would anyone else care if they followed you for fashion, or landscapes etc? If you post things that aren’t in accordance to your niche, then it will be hard to follow the tips on How To Get Instagram Followers.

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Those are the top 2 because we often talk about how to grow, but we neglect the mental attitude and state you have to adopt to do so. If you go into the gym and swing your body while you´re doing curls, you’re not exercising you´re just throwing yourself about hoping you get bigger by pure force of imagination.

What Doesn’t work when it comes to getting followers:

  • Buying fake followers, does not work. You can’t have 200 likes on a photo with 40k followers, there are ways to grow organically very quickly apart from buying fake followers and I’ll go more into details about that late on.

Things That “Kind of” work:

  • Hashtags, they work, but not well unless your’e hitting the popular section of that hashtag. You should always use hashtags though. Type out your 30 hashtags before hand, copy and then paste them into a comment on your photo as quickly as possible, after a couple comments, they will be hidden and it doesn’t look so spammy. If you want to learn more in detail about how you can grow your Instagram followers with hashtags, read the article in the link.
  • Tagging people with larger audiences in the same niche as you in your photo, kind of works, it’s more passive audience gain than anything else as the longer it sits there, the more likely 1, 2 or 10 people will see it and follow you. Do avoid looking spammy, after tagging everyone drag them all down to the corner so it looks like 1 or 2 tags and not 20.
  • Engagement Groups, essentially a group of instagrammers who appreciate each others work will create groups in direct message on Instagram, or on the app telegram, and when they’ve posted to instagram they send the photo to the group and theoretically if you consistently comment and like their photos they will do the same. I have noticed increased growth by doing this, but without doing it in unison with hashtags and the all of the other things I’m about to list it doesn’t work. If your content is bad, your number one priority should be to improve that over everything else since much of the listed things relies on a great feed.
  • Engaging with new people is great, but remember the algorithm shows people on your feed in priority of engagement, so not only how often they comment and like but how often you touch their photos, so it’s important not only for community growth, but also growing in sheer numbers, to like your followers content, the more you engage the more they’ll come back and check your stuff daily.

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Things that actually works when trying to grow your Instagram followers:

  • Post at least once per day. Algorithms on Instagram prefer those who encourage people to check the app or website daily, so the more consistently you post, the more frequently you’ll show up as popular on the explore page. Most agencies, will say 1-3 posts per day, anything in excess of 5 is often seen as annoying.
  • Post Quality over Quantity, so a bit of a paradox, but don’t post your crap. It just won’t work, you’ll get less likes, and less likes looks bad, people may lose interest, and unfollow, honestly it doesn’t even matter, this point should be an absolute rule in your life. Don’t share work you aren’t absolutely proud of.
  • Learn to edit and color grade properly, the more consistent your images look, the more people know what they are investing their time into, and the more likely they are to come and look at your page even if they miss you on their feed. As a side note, images with blue tones, statistically get the most likes, you can do this naturally, or by using an app like VSCO to overlay a blue tone on your shadows and then dialing it back so it’s barely noticeable.
  • Try to create a sense of belonging with those who follow you, if you see someone comments regularly, get to know them a bit and be personal but not weird, they are more likely to tell their friends about the cool instagrammer who they “know” rather than the instagrammer who never engages.

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