Thursday, June 13

How To Get Instagram Followers Without Buying Them

How To Get Instagram Followers Without Buying Them

Firstly, why do you want to grow your followers? That’s an important question you should know the answer to.

There so many ways to do so. It helps if you’re a celebrity or popular. The more followers you have the more likes you’ll get hence followers is proportional to likes, and the more likes you get, the more exposure. (If your profile is public) hence concentrate on gaining followers first.

Start of by following people who you’re sure will follow you back and remember to follow back as well, as reciprocity (give back) is an important rule of Social networking. Make sure to have a display and at least 10 photos, as surveys have revealed that users are less likely to follow users with no display or less than 10 photos.

Simply, set profile to public, use hashtags, follow and interact with people, ask for shoutouts from popular Instagram users, link your instagram profile on other social networks, guest blog etc.

Something to have in mind is that you should never buy fake followers of any kind. Read why you should´t buy fake followers and you´ll see why.

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