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Shoutouts on Instagram: How To Get A Shoutout on Instagram

How To Get A Shoutout on Instagram

If you want to know one of the most powerful ways to grow your page and gain followers on Instagram?

Then you´ve come to the right place.

Experienced Instagrammers do a lot of their growing with shoutouts and if you too want to do some serious growing, then you should take advantage of this method called shoutouts.

If you don´t know what a shoutout is, read the article What is an Instagram shoutout? before you begin reading this one.

Here’s how a shoutout can work

Two Instagram users will often agree to give each other a shoutout post on their accounts by posting a photo or a video and instructing their own followers to follow the respective account. Shoutout posts are often photos or videos from the account they’re shouting out but they can of course be anything.

This is completely up to the person posting. Shoutout between two accounts are usually called “s4s” our shoutout for shoutout and they are one of the fastest and most effective ways to build followers on Instagram.

Something to have in mind it although that  getting a  shoutout from someone isn’t a dance on roses and may need some work (unless you have loads of followers). Below, you can find some of the ways (and tips) that you can get a shoutout from another account.

Look for users with content similar to what you post

You will want to receive followers that have a genuine interest for what you post and you probably won’t get it if you are getting shoutouts from people who are posting completely different things as you are.

When arranging shoutouts with other accounts, you should therefore look for accounts that has a similar niche as you because this is when you will receive the most amount of followers.

Look for users who have a similar amount of followers as you do

What Is a Shoutout In Instagram?

If you are the one asking for “s4s”, you should always look for accounts that has a similar amount of followers as you and it´s pretty obvious why. You of course want to make shoutouts with accounts that has the most amount of followers possible (compared to your amount) but you should also be realistic.

Let’s say you have 5K followers. People with 100K followers will probably not want to do shoutouts with you because they won’t earn as much followers as you.

You should therefore look for accounts that has a bit higher amount of followers but not too high because they will not want to do s4s´s with you.

Contact users via email or Instagram Direct.


You might have seen comments on people´s accounts saying “shouts?” “or s4s?” and while this may work,  this is something we don’t recommend you doing.

Most accounts will consider this as spam and only ignore your comments.

If you want a higher chance of response, your should either contact the account through email or Instagram Direct Message (DM). By doing this, the account will see you as more serious and hopefully consider doing a shoutout with you. Thank you very much for readingHow to get a shoutout on Instagram.

Hopefully you have learnt how to get a shoutout on Instagram and can adapt your new knowledge and grow your Instagram account.

If you have any further questions, feel free to comment below.


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